The Quezon City government has established an adoption center for impounded and neglected animals, the first comprehensive approach in rehabilitating animals to find them new homes.

Through the city’s Animal Welfare and Rehabilitation Program, instead of euthanizing or putting the animals down, impounded cats and dogs will be rehabilitated, trained, and will be put up for adoption.

Based on the report of the City Veterinary Department (QCVD), the city pound captures an average of 200 animals weekly or 9,600 homeless animals per year. Of the numbers, the pet adoption rate is only at less than one percent.

“We will be transforming our existing City Pound into an adoption center to promote animal adoption. The city believes that every animal deserves a loving and caring family, since dogs and cats are known to be good companion animals,” Mayor Joy Belmonte said.

The 450-square meter pet adoption center in Barangay Payatas can provide temporary homes to up to 60 animals until they find a new family. The facility also has a surgery room for dogs and cats that need to be neutered and spayed, and for other animals that need immediate medical attention.

There are also separate cages for sick animals to prevent them from infecting other healthy animals.

According to City Veterinarian Dr. Ana Marie Cabel, each animal will be rehabilitated before being offered for adoption.

“Captured dogs and cats not claimed by their owners for at least three days will be up for adoption. With the help of the City Council, we are currently creating the homing and adoption policy for them,” Cabel said.

The QCVD has also coordinated with Animal Welfare Advocates to ensure that the program is in accordance with Republic Act 8485 or the Animal Welfare Act.

Pet-friendly spaces will also be created where facilities such as parks, malls, restaurants, offices, coffee shops, hotels, condominiums can allow pets into their establishments.