The Quezon City government is set to launch an information campaign which aims to create an awareness on the role of its Local Legislative Department and which will showcase the different advocacies and accomplishments of its City Council.

Spearheaded by the Office of Vice Mayor Gian Sotto, this campaign is the highlight of the first-ever virtual Quezon City Legislation Week from October 19 to 22.

In promoting the project, Sotto emphasized the importance of education for a meaningful working partnership with the constituents.

“Our city government, led by Mayor Joy Belmonte, encourages our QCitizens, especially the younger generation, to use their voice and become more active in our community. But all these will be futile without education. We need to educate and equip ourselves in line with our goal to serve our city and country,” said Sotto.

He added that the program is in line with his platform of good governance and transparency.

“Education breeds transparency. When QCitizens are informed, it creates an atmosphere of transparency that forces our elected officials to be accountable with their actions. It is our citizens’ weapon against any abuse of power,” he said.

The topics that will be covered per day are as follows:

October 19- Process of local legislation and the role of the city council.
October 20-21- Getting to know the councilors from the 6 districts and the 2 ex-officio officers, their advocacies, legislations and programs
October 22- Getting to know the Office of the Vice Mayor as an institution and as the presiding officer of the city council.

The Quezon City Legislation Week will be streamed in the Official Facebook page of the Office of Vice Mayor Gian Sotto on the said week every 10 AM, 2 PM, and 4 PM daily.