With the threat of the Delta variant, the Quezon City government reiterates its strict no-walk-in policy in all vaccination sites to minimize crowding and further mitigate the transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

Reports of increased numbers of walk-ins in vaccination sites is a cause of alarm for the QC Health Department and the QC Task Force Vax to Normal.

Unregistered individuals reportedly rushed to vaccination sites in recent days after some employers released orders that unvaccinated employees can no longer report to work, and thus cannot receive their daily wage or will be penalized with a deduction in their monthly salaries.

Mayor Joy Belmonte condemns these workplace orders and tags them as discriminatory for employees.

“The employers have to understand that the delay in the vaccination of their employees had been due to the insufficient vaccine supply and sporadic delivery to LGUs thereby making it impossible to accommodate everyone. They should be lenient considering their employees remain unvaccinated not out of choice or refusal. As soon as the promised additional vaccine supplies are delivered to our city, we will make sure our workers are inoculated as soon as possible”, she said.

The Mayor also added that these orders will just add to the burden of many workers who cannot provide enough for their families during this pandemic.

Likewise, the city government supports the Department of Labor and Employment which released Labor Advisory No. 3 indicating that no employee shall be discriminated against in terms of tenure, promotion, training, pay, and other benefits or terminated from employment for those employees who refuse or fail to be vaccinated. “Until such time as Congress enacts legislation to the contrary, we stand by the DOLE’s policy,” the mayor said.

Workers and residents of Quezon City can register in the QCProtektodo Vaccination Program through the barangay-assisted process or by signing up through its online platform qceservices.quezoncity.gov.ph/qcvaxeasy

Mayor Belmonte reminds workers to register as soon as possible so that once vaccine supplies arrive, they can be given an inoculation schedule right away.

“They have to register because our system works on a first-in, first-out basis so the sooner they get in the list, the sooner they can get their schedule,” Mayor Belmonte said.

While the city government recently launched QC Bakuna Nights to accommodate employees who cannot get off work during the day, Mayor Belmonte also appealed to employers to allow their employees to take a day off or to work from home on the day of their vaccination without salary deductions.

The city government continuously administers vaccines to all members of the A1-A5 category including frontline workers from all essential sectors.