The Quezon City local government in partnership with the Department of Health launched a telemedicine system focused on addressing the needs of confirmed coronavirus disease (COVID-19) patients.

The QC COVID Telemed program is an online system where patients who are undergoing home quarantine or admitted in the city’s HOPE community-caring facilities can consult their doctors without having to personally meet them.

Mayor Joy Belmonte also stressed that this program shall support our healthcare workers who are greatly exposed to the virus as it will lessen their exposure and contact with COVID-19 patients.

“Through telemedicine, our doctors no longer need to physically visit their patients to do rounds. They can log on to the system and they can do online consultation with their patients,” Mayor Belmonte said.

The mayor also stressed that this system will allow doctors who have co-morbidities or are seniors and limited by their situations from doing full-time hospital duties, to continue performing their profession with no restrictions.

“Given our situation now, telemedicine has a multiplier effect as our limited number of doctors can practice their field and care for more patients,” explained Perry Dominguez, head of the Local Economic Investments and Promotions Office and project coordinator.

Moving forward, Dominguez added that this could be the start of the digitalization of the city’s healthcare system. “We look forward to more developments in this system where eventually, patients with other illnesses will also be given the same opportunity to have their medical needs addressed,” Dominguez shared.

15 laptops and desktops were donated by the Department of Health to support the QC COVID Telemedicine operations. These will be distributed in HOPE facilities and selected health centers in the city.