To complement its ever-growing vaccine program, the Quezon City government launched today a new vaccine registration portal.

QC Vax Easy will be a city-assisted registration system that is intended to augment the current registration processes of the QCProtektodo Vaccination Program.

Registrants only need to full up the form by accessing the link:

City Administrator Michael Alimurung said that this will help address the concerns of many QCitizens who are having problems registering for the program.

“In light of the various difficulties that our people are experiencing in the barangay-assisted booking and online booking, this QC Vax Easy portal will aid us in registering QC residents and workers into the vaccination program,” Alimurung said.

The QC Vax Easy will introduce a first-in, first-out registration meaning those who have registered and submitted their personal information will be given a schedule for their inoculation, depending on the availability of vaccine supply. The city government will prioritize registrants based on their priority group.

As opposed to the current system where registrants may choose their schedule and vaccination site, in the QC Vax Easy, people will register on the website and the city health department shall contact them for their schedule and assigned vaccination site, close to their residence or workplace. Slots and sites to be assigned will depend on the availability of the vaccines.

Following the recent technical woes of the city’s third-party partner eZconsult, Mayor Joy Belmonte clarifies that this will be an alternative or additional mode to the current registration processes.

“Pending another round of online booking to test eZconsult’s system upgrade, we are offering QC Vax Easy as an option. With this new registration system, we are reducing the difficulty of manually booking your slots. Just register and wait for the city government to contact you for your schedule,” Mayor Belmonte said.

Registrants in this QC Vax Easy system can also be used as a Quick Substitution List in case scheduled registrants will not show up on the day of their vaccination.

Existing processes such as the EzConsult and the barangay-assisted booking schemes will still be operational.

Same documents such as proof of residence or employment in Quezon City will still be submitted upon arrival at the vaccination sites. ###