The Quezon City government is working with the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) and private diagnostics clinic Hi-Precision to further increase the city’s capacity to test its residents and expedite the diagnosis of COVID-19.

“Our partnerships will allow us to pool all available resources, weave our efforts, and immediately address the needs of our most affected communities,” said Mayor Joy Belmonte.

In a memorandum of agreement signed between the local government and the PRC, the latter has signified its intention to allocate 8,000 RT-PCR test kits to the city worth around P3,400 each.

According to Belmonte, this partnership will allow the city government “to test more residents and subsequently reinforce its contact tracing efforts.”

With the current direct partnership, Belmonte added, results are expected to be released at a faster turnaround time.

The city also plans to open three additional testing centers, which will cater to individuals who are manifesting flu-like symptoms and those who have exposure to COVID-positive patients in the communities.

The existing community-based testing centers are in: Toro Hill Basketball Court (District 1), Payatas Super Health Center (District 2), Old Balara Covered Court (District 3), Amoranto Stadium (District 4), SB Park Novaliches (District 5) and Talipapa Senior High School (District 6).

All centers operate Mondays to Saturdays, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Meanwhile, QC has inked a partnership with Hi-Precision diagnostics clinic where the latter has offered to lend its two mobile X-ray units to the city.

The said units, which are worth P3.6 million, will be set up in the two of the city’s HOPE facilities and cater to the admitted patients.

“The idea is to decongest our hospitals by putting these machines in our HOPE facilities so that our mild to moderate or asymptomatic patients can have their X-ray done at the soonest time possible,” said Belmonte.