The Quezon City Government through the City Development Council (CDC) has undertaken the preparation of the city’s Comprehensive Development Plan and review of the existing Comprehensive Land Use Plan in view of the significant transformations in the social and ecological conditions of the city since the Plan’s updating in 2011. The timing for this undertaking could not be more auspicious.

The Bureau of Local Government Development of DILG is currently disseminating the “Rationalized Local Planning System (RPS)”, a new planning guideline that is fully compliant with the provisions of the Local Government Code. Quezon City has adopted the said “Rationalized Local Planning System” as the guiding framework in the preparation and/or revision of its comprehensive plans, its zoning ordinance and investment programs. The City has also engaged the services of the author of the RPS himself, Prof. Ernesto M. Serote of the UP School of Urban and Regional Planning as in-house consultant to help facilitate the conduct of various activities required.