To encourage more QCitizens to get vaccinated, Mayor Joy Belmonte recently signed a memorandum providing incentives to ambulant vendors, market vendors and market employees, in exchange for getting COVID-19 vaccine shots.

Following the resolution of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) to restrict the mobility of unvaccinated persons in order to protect them from severe or critical Covid, the Quezon City Council enacted an ordinance regulating the mobility of unvaccinated individuals in the city.

However, the city government acknowledged that among the unvaccinated are market vendors, market employees, and ambulant vendors who are earning their livelihoods on a day-to-day basis.

Hence, Mayor Joy Belmonte opted to provide vendors and market employees with P2000.00 to offset any disruption in their income generating capacity.

“Most markets vendors cannot leave their stalls because of possible loss of income, so to encourage them to take a day off to get vaccinated, we will provide them with incentives,” Mayor Belmonte said.

Quezon City resident market vendors, market employees, and ambulant vendors who have not been vaccinated as of January 7, 2022, and are willing to be vaccinated from January 8 to 31, 2022 are eligible to be part of the program.

The Market Development and Administration Department (MDAD) shall prepare the masterlist of eligible persons who can prove their status as market vendors, ambulant vendors, or market employees through previous registration with MDAD, or by presenting a vending permit, certification from their barangay or reputable vendors’ association, and proof of residency in Quezon City through any valid ID such as the QC ID, barangay ID, or voter’s ID, among others.

This list shall be submitted to the City Health Department for the facilitation of their vaccination schedule in nearby vaccination sites.

After getting their first dose, they may claim their financial assistance within an allowable period at a separate venue by presenting the above mentioned requirements and the vaccination card showing their first COVID-19 vaccine shot.

Following MMDA Resolution No. 22-01, those who fail or refuse to get vaccinated shall be required to get a COVID-19 test every two weeks at their expense and present a negative result before being admitted to work onsite.

City Ordinance SP 3076-S2022, which further reinforces the MMDA resolution, gives employees and workers a grace period of one month to get at least a first dose before the provision for a mandatory bi-monthly RT-PCR or antigen test is implemented. Failure to comply will result in fines of up to P3000 on a third offense.

“This program is aimed at protecting both the market vendors and their customers who they come into close contact with every day. If they get vaccinated, we are protecting them from serious illness and improving the city’s overall immunity” Mayor Belmonte said.

The city government cautions however that any person caught providing false information in order to obtain financial assistance may be prosecuted under Ordinance No. SP3032 or the Ordinance Prohibiting COVID-19 Vaccine Fraud.