In the latest report of the OCTA Research Group, the COVID-19 indicators of Quezon City have continuously dropped proving the city government’s effective COVID-19 response.

For the week of December 7 to 13, OCTA noted the city’s positivity rate slipped to 1.11% from 1.29% the previous week. The average daily new cases are 20, the lowest average since the pandemic peaked.

Meanwhile, the average daily attack rate per 100,000 population is .63 while the reproduction number slightly increased to .34 from .32 last week.

According to Mayor Joy Belmonte, the city government is hopeful that the numbers will continue to decrease until the end of December.

“As we celebrate the Christmas season, QCitizens remain observant of the basic health protocols and the importance of getting vaccinated. This then resulted in a consistent decrease in COVID-19 indicators,” Mayor Belmonte said.

“We look forward to welcoming 2022 with renewed hope that the city and the rest of the country will recover from COVID-19,” she added.

As of December 15, the active cases of the city are down to 257 (.14%), recoveries at 178,408 (98.96%), while deaths are at 1,624 (.9%), bringing the total of COVID-19 cases in QC since March 2020 to 180,249 cases.

Also, for the first time since the peak of the pandemic, there are no areas under special concern lockdown.

The city also boasts of 1, 872, 743 fully vaccinated individuals or 110.16% of the target population to achieve population protection.