Strategic business plans are of crucial importance for the local government of Quezon City. These plans can provide a clear roadmap and direction for the government’s actions, helping to align efforts, prioritize resources, and achieve desired outcomes. By outlining specific goals, objectives, and strategies, these plans enable the government to make informed decisions, allocate resources effectively, and enhance service delivery.

Last May 16, 2023, at the HRMD Conference Room, Quezon City Hall, in partnership with the Ateneo de Manila University – John Gokongwei School of Management (AdMU-JGSOM), students from the Strategic Management Course presented their strategic business plans as their final output for the Special Project under the Quezon City Internship Program (QCIP). These students, belonging to three different groups, were provided an opportunity to conduct research from which they developed individual strategic business plans for three various institutions under the Quezon City Government; namely,the Amoranto Sports Complex (ASC), the Quezon City Memorial Circle (QCMC), andthe Quezon City University (QCU).

As part of the final culmination of the QCIP Special Project, the findings and recommendations of these groups were presented to distinguished key officials of the Quezon City Government, including the City Administrator, Mr. Michael Victor N. Alimurung; the Head of the Human Resource Management Department (HRMD), Atty. Noel R. Del Prado; and the Action Officer of the Strategic Human Resource Unit (SHRU), Dr. Milflores Victoria Tantoco-De Leon, RPsy, CHRP. Moreover, the presentation was also attended by the Assistant Head of HRMD, Mr. Angelito S. Obillo, Jr. and the Head of Internal Audit Service, Atty. Noel Emmanuel C. Gascon.

In addition to the aforementioned individuals, there were also representatives from each of the institutions for which the strategic business plans were developed. Mr. Martin Manese, the Action Officer, served as the representative for the Amoranto Sports Complex. Mr. Windsor P. Bueno, the administrator of the Quezon City Memorial Circle, was also present. Lastly, Dr. Bradford Martinez, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, acted as the representative for Quezon City University. The strategic business plans presented by the AdMU-JGSM students, if further developed, can potentially contribute to the economic development of Quezon City by attracting investments, promoting entrepreneurship, and stimulating growth within the city. They can also facilitate stakeholder engagement and collaboration, ensuring that the plans reflect the aspirations and interests of the community it serves. Overall, the strategic business plans presented can play a pivotal role in guiding the ASC, QCMC, and QCU towards sustainable development, improved governance, and better quality of services.