In a bid to restore green spaces in the city and create opportunities for economic exchange, relaxation and recreation, the Quezon City Government plans to redevelop the Quezon Memorial Circle (QMC).

The Quezon Memorial Circle is a 27-hectare national park located at the heart of Quezon City and is dedicated to the memory of President Manuel Luis Quezon. The Quezon Memorial Shrine has been declared as a national cultural heritage by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines in 2020. Currently, the park is jointly managed by the Quezon City local government and the National Historical Commission.

The project’s master redevelopment plan took into consideration the construction, among others, of the MRT-7 station within the park.

“Quezon Memorial Circle is one of the assets of QC and is considered one of the major nodes of the City’s ‘Green Lung Network’ where families can enjoy green open spaces for outdoor activities. With this redevelopment plan, we are not just focusing on beautification per se but more on a purposeful design that our QCitizens will use and enjoy,” Mayor Joy Belmonte said.

The master redevelopment plan allocates approximately 70% of QMC to major green areas such as picnic grounds and children’s playgrounds, themed gardens, and areas for urban farming. The plan also features a multi-purpose field for football, softball, baseball, frisbee and other activities.

Other salient features of the QMC redevelopment plan include a skate trail and park, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, stepped lawns, and a cultural amphitheater where artists, entertainers, and musicians can showcase their talents and skills to park visitors.

Wider path walks, bike lanes, jogging paths, and exercise areas will also be provided.

In line with the city’s efforts in urban farming and gardening, botanical gardens will also be created with modular kiosks for the existing plant vendors in the park.

Even the Liwasang Aurora, the circle-shaped open-air venue near the pylon will also be restored. Areas designated for pop-up stores for sellers of food, wet and dry products, and souvenir items similar to weekend markets in other cities have been allocated in the master redevelopment plan.

Also, a water retention pond will be put in place that will recycle water for watering plants. CCTV cameras will be installed for additional park security and internet hubs for public use.

Accesses for bikers for them to be able to pass through the park going to and coming from various points of the roads around the park are also a part of the redevelopment plan for their convenience and safety.

Prior to the pandemic, Mayor Belmonte fought for the redesign of the MRT-7 station within the QMC to ensure that it will not ruin the heritage sites and preserve the park’s integrity.

“We are developing this area for the next generation. QMC will remain to be an area where QCitizens can enjoy spending time doing sports and other recreational activities,” Mayor Belmonte said.