By now, many of us have seen the video footage of large crowds forming outside vaccine sites, which can easily become super-spreader events. Despite this, some shameless individuals still continue to instigate these situations by spreading fake news on social media. These online saboteurs typically urge the public to line up outside vaccine sites for “walk-in accommodations”.

To be categorically clear, Quezon City does not allow walk-ins in its vaccine sites. Hindi po maaaring magbakasakali at pumila lamang upang mabakunahan. May maayos na sistema po ng pre-registration at scheduling na patuloy na ipinatutupad sa ating lungsod.

Accordingly, I would like to make the following requests: to those spreading this fake news (for whatever malicious reason), makonsensya naman kayo. You are literally endangering the lives of countless men, women, and children. Kung hindi kayo madadala sa pakiusap, kaso ng reckless endangerment, violation ng Cybercrime Law, at unjust vexation ang ihaharap namin sa inyo. To this end, I would like to appeal to our national law enforcement agencies to investigate these posts, and file the necessary charges.

To social media platforms, I hope that you can help curb the spread of this particularly dangerous type of fake news, and permanently ban those who use your platform to jeopardize the health and safety of others.

In the meantime, let us all continue to be vigilant, practice standard precautions, and stay safe.