Barangay and Community Relations Department

  • BCRD
  • 5th Floor, Civic Center Building A, Mayaman St., City Hall Compound
  • 8988-4242 local 8520 / 8522 / 8524 to 8528


City Government Department Head III
8988-4242 loc. 8525

The Barangay and Community Relations Department was created thru City Ordinance SP-2563, S-2017 “An Ordinance merging the Barangay Operations Center (BOC) and Community Relations Office (CRO) to be known as the Barangay and Community Relations Department (BCRD) and Rationalizing its functional structure”.

The BCRD envisions itself as catalyst of people’s participation and good governance in partnership with Barangay Government, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Private Sectors (PS) towards the realization of an inclusive and sustainable development in Quezon City.

It is our mission to serve, guided by the principles of dedication, responsibility, empowerment, accountability and motivation, in collaboration with the Barangay Government, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Private Sectors (PS), with the aid of Divine Providence.



This program provides administrative and operational requirements of the department particularly on the budget preparation, management of personnel, properties, supplies, facilities and finances.

It is also designed to effectively maintain office records/data file being the Secretariat of the 142 barangays, accredited Civil Society Organizations(CSOs)/People’s Organizations (POs) of this City as well as to promote and enhance effective barangay/community government administration.

In addition, this program also aims to assist the barangay officials in the facilitation of benefits due to the barangay officials in accordance with existing laws and ordinances, such as civil service eligibility, free tuition fee privileges, burial claims, etc.

  1.  Receive and act upon communications, requests and complaints emanating from barangays, city, national and other agencies.
  2. Issue payment orders on request for authentication/verification/certification pursuant to the QC Revenue Code as amended (Sec 19 of City Ordinance No. SP-1452, S-2004) at P50.00 per certification/verification.
  3. Prepare/facilitate the appointment/oath of office/bonding requirements of the newly appointed barangay officials.
  4. Provide updated directory of barangay officials to the city/national agencies and the general public.
  5. Assist the city government in the reproduction of informative materials regarding city programs for dissemination to the 142 Barangays and/or accredited CSOs.
  6. Prepare/facilitate Barangay/SK Officials’ benefits and privileges like civil service eligibility, free hospitalization/free tuition fee in State Universities/Vacation Leave and Sick Leave.
  7. Prepare and issue as requested service records of Barangay Officials/SK Officials, certification/authentication for employment, loan purposes or BIR requirements.
  8. Prepare pertinent documents and facilitate the processing of burial reimbursement claims of Barangay/SK Officials
  9. Provision of Philippine Flag for Barangay Officials/BPSOs who died in line of duty during their incumbency and
  10. Prepare/Issue endorsements to SSDD relative to the granting of Phil health Cards to Barangay Officials, Leaders and indigent residents of this City.


This program aims to monitor and coordinate barangay/community meetings / assemblies, programs, projects, activities and implementation of policies.

It aims to ensure that Barangay/SK Officials are performing their mandated functions, duties and responsibilities such as holding of barangay assemblies, regular council meetings, implementation of barangay policies and regulations, organization of barangay development council, etc.

  1. Monitoring barangay meetings, such as Regular Council Meetings, Barangay General Assemblies, Liga ng mga Barangay Meetings, Association of Barangay Treasurers, Kagawads, Secretaries, and barangay activities.
  2. Assist and coordinate regarding Barangay Meetings, Dialogues, fora and Orientation, Seminars and some barangay activities relative to the City’s programs, projects like Solid Waste Management, Traffic Management, Peace and Order/Crime Prevention, Medical and Dental Services, etc. and Turn-Over of Barangay properties.
  3. Inspection/investigation of barangay complaints and other incidents that occurred in the barangay
  4. Schedule/coordinate/facilitate the projects/activities of the City Mayor.
  5. Assist and coordinate with different offices / departments / agencies with respect to the implementation of barangay projects and activities


This program aims to enhance the capability of barangay officials and personnel/leaders of accredited CSOs in barangay administration and governance and provide said leaders learning opportunities on certain specialized and specific concerns affecting the community.

Formulate plans and program of this Office like meetings, project formulation such as but not limited to orientation-seminar-workshops in connection with the City’s programs, projects and activities.


A road map of appropriate individual and organizational enhancement interventions (on structure, management system, enabling policies, knowledge and learning) to address priority capacity development needs along with the defined LGU performance outcomes.


It aims to implement community development programs, projects and activities in partnership with the Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and Peoples Organizations (POs).


It aims to encourage the active participation of barangays and all sectors in the community in the promotion of the city’s barangay programs, projects and activities.


This program aims to identify the City’s programs, projects and activities and to provide assistance to the other agencies and offices in the efficient and effective implementation of their respective projects and activities which need involvement and participation of the 142 barangays.

  1. Implementation/strengthening of City’s program/projects
    • Legislative-Executive Development Advisory Council (LEDAC)
    • Local Advisory Committee (LAC)
    • Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Programs (4P’s)
    • Steering Committee of QC Barangay Day
    • QC Anti-Drug Abuse Council (QCADAC)
    • City Development Council
    • Liga ng mga Barangay
    • Local Inter-Agency Committee (LIAC)
    • Task Force Sixty Days
    • Task Force Build 5
    • QC Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (QCDRRMC)
    • QC Peace and Order Council (QCPOC)
    • Local Comprehensive Emergency Program for Children (CEPC)
    • Shelter
    • Housing
    • Tourism
    • QC Nutrition Committee
    • QC Barangay Health Management Council (QCBHMC)
    • QC Leadership Governance
    • Gabayan ang Batang Ina
    • TWG Anti-Sugary Juck Food
    • Task Force Disiplina
    • Task Force for Transport and Traffic Management (TFTTM)
    • QC GAD Council
    • Program Implementation Committee
    • QC Council for the Protection of Children (QCCPC)
    • Adolescent Health and Development Program
    • QCTB Free Council
    • QC Human Milk Board
    • QC Mental Health
    • QC Eye Care Program
    • QC Health Board
    • QC Sexually Transmitted Infection, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Council (QCSAC)
    • Anti-Street Dweller and Street Clearing Operations Task Group
    • QC Migration and Development Council
    • Task Force on Solid Waste Collection, Cleaning and Disposal Services Management
    • QC Hall Employees Athletic Association (QCHEAA)
    • Committee on Accreditation, Selection and Monitoring of People’s NGO’s and Similar Aggrupation /CSR
    • Task Force Manila Bay
    • QC Climate Action Planning (CAP)
  1. Organization of different committees in the barangays
    • Barangay Peace and Order Committee (BPOC)
    • Barangay Ecological Solid Waste Management Council (BESWMC)
    • Barangay Anti-Drug Abuses Council (BADAC)
    • Barangay Disaster Coordinating Council (BDCC)
    • Barangay Development Council (BDC)
    • Barangay Livelihood Committee
    • Barangay Council for Human Rights Protection
    • Barangay Council for the Protection of Children
    • Barangay Standing Committee
    • Barangay Gender and Development (GAD) Focal Person



This program aims to provide technical assistance to the office, barangays and communities on data gathering regarding device systems, strategies and approaches of barangay activities; also undertake updating on surveys, studies and researches in view of providing a databank of information about the 12 barangays of QC.

  1. Extend technical assistance in the formulation/implementation/evaluation of barangay projects and activities.
  2. Provide statistical data and BARANGAY PROFILE of 142 barangays to different offices / departments / agencies, schools / colleges / universities for the preparation of school term papers, research, graduate thesis, business feasibility studies and for referred reference.
  3. Consolidate/analyze/evaluate different monitoring reports/ data gathered and for submission to concerned offices/departments for reference and appropriate action.
  4. Extend legal assistance on the cases/complaints filed in the office.
    • provide legal assistance in the preparation of affidavits, rendering of legal opinions and advices, court appearances related to cases in the performance of their duties and responsibilities.
    • conduct background investigation/verification on the complaints filed in the office.


This program aims to formulate long-range and annual plans, programs and projects for the department

It is also designed to effectively handle the accreditation process; keep records of accredited Civil Society Organizations/People’s Organizations (CSOs/POs) of this City as well as to promote and enhance effective barangay/community government administration.

Department Directory

  BCRD OFFICERS    Present Position / Plantilla PositionContact Number:
GRACIA ROWENA F. DELA CRUZActing Assistant Department Head
(Chief Administrative Officer)
Local 8520
JASON G. BURCEActing Head, Operations and Monitoring Division
(Community Affairs Officer IV)
Local 8524
CHITO A. LAXAMANAActing Assistant Head, Operations and Monitoring Division
(Community Affairs Assistant II)
Local 8524
CEZAR A. MARCOSDistrict I Coordinator
(Community Affairs Assistant II)
Local 8524
ANGELITO B. PACIFICODistrict II Coordinator
(Community Affairs Officer III)
Local 8524
EDGARDO D. SALCEDODistrict III Coordinator
(Community Affairs Assistant II)
Local 8524
GIL L. VILLANUEVADistrict IV Coordinator
(Community Affairs Officer III)
Local 8524
DANTE DC. TRINIDADDistrict V Coordinator
(Community Affairs Assistant II)
Local 8524
DONARDO A. VENTURINADistrict VI Coordinator
(Community Affairs Assistant II)
Local 8524
BLESILDA C. AGPAWAActing Chief, Administrative Division
(Project Evaluation Officer V)
Local 8520  
ELIZABETH D. GOMEZHead, Records Section
(Administrative Officer V)
Local 8526  
CONSORCIA M. VASQUEZHead, Personnel Section
(Administrative Officer II)
Local 8520
MARGARITA M. VILLANUEVAActing Head, Technical and Research Services Division
(Community Affairs Officer IV) 
Local 8527
GERRY H. DELLOSAHead, Planning and Programming Division    
(Community Affairs Officer V)
Local 8522 and 8528