Barangay and Community Relations Department

Office Hours
Monday to Friday            
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM



The Barangay and Community Relations Department oversees the Barangay Council’s programs, projects and activities, providing technical and administrative assistance to the barangays. BCRD organizes training and seminars for barangay officials and personnel to develop their skills and competencies in creating appropriate plans for their communities in partnership with other local government agencies and civil society organizations. As part of its function to foster and continuously promote closer government-people relationships, BCRD organizes Mayor-community conferences to explain city plans and programs, monitors and receives community complaints and problems, and providing development reports/updates of actions taken.


Develop the skills and competencies of barangay officials and personnel and instill in them the values of commitment, dedication, transparency, and accountability.

Raise the awareness of the community on the importance of active participation in community development.

Create a strong link between the Quezon City government, the Barangay Council, the private sector, and the various community sectors.


To establish harmonious barangays that are safe, healthy, proactive, sustainable, peaceful,    transparent, and forward looking and a community that is inclusive, engaged, respectful of religious and cultural differences, sensitive, and willing to address the challenges faced by vulnerable sectors.

Legal Basis

City Ordinance No. SP 2563, S. 2017, An Ordinance Merging The Barangay Operations Center (BOC) And Community Relations Office (CRO) To Be Known As The Barangay And Community Relations Department (BCRD) And Rationalizing Its Functional Structure.

Service Pledge:

Update BCRD data about barangays.

Develop and conduct necessary trainings for barangay officials, personnel, and civil society groups.

Strengthen the relationship between barangays and civil society with local and national government agencies.

Recognize and award best practices on community development, sustainability, and good health. Provide assistance to former and current barangay officers on administrative matters


Issuance of Certification and Service Records
Prepare and issue the service records of former and incumbent barangay officials and SK officials as well as certification/authentication of clearances and certifications issued by various barangays.

Complaint Review and Processing
Provide an avenue for the QCitizens to file their complaints and for BCRD to conduct background investigation/verification regarding the complaints filed.

Burial Assistance
Assist the beneficiary of former and incumbent deceased barangay officials and staff in availing of Burial Assistance under City Ordinance Nos. SP-1860, s.2008 and SP-5557, s.2012

Civil Society Organization Accreditation
Assist Civil Society Organizations with their accreditation in the City.


Quezon City Barangay Day

Recognition of the barangay’s efforts and outstanding programs (Dakila and Bayaning frontliners, Kontra Gutom, and the Lupon Tagapamayapa Incentives Award).

Barangay Tanod Skills Enhancement Training (BTSTET)

A three-day skills enhancement training of regular Barangay Public and Safety Officers (BPSOs) on their legal mandate, duties, responsibilities, and qualities.

Barangay Development Planning

Lecture/workshop for the members of the Barangay Development Council (BDC) to review and formulate their mission and vision, determine their vision-reality gap (VRG), set goals and objectives, and identify and prioritize barangay programs, projects and activities (PPAs), as well as formulate the Barangay Development Investment Program (BDIP) and its corresponding Annual Investment Program (AIP).


Conduct of Webinars

Webinars regarding several issues for accredited CSOs such as Community Awareness on Anti-Human Trafficking and Health and Wellness amidst Covid-19 and other Infectious Diseases.


Request for Issuance of Certifications and Authentication of Service Records of Barangay Officials


  1. Fill-out the Request Form given by our Records Custodian.
  2. An Order of Payment will be issued before you proceed to the City Treasurer’s Office (1st Floor, Main Building) for payment.
  3. After payment, attach the Official Receipt to the duly filled-out request form and hand it to our assigned personnel.
  4. Wait for the release of your requested document.

NOTE: Processing time of requested certification and other documents may take 1-2 days.

Filing of Complaint


  1. Submit a complaint letter (you may file personally or through email at [email protected]).
    Kindly please include the following details in your complaint letter:
    • Full Name, Address, and Contact number of the Complainant
    • Details of the incident
    • Name of agency or person/s complained or protested
    • Evidence (if applicable)
  1. Complaints will be endorsed to the concerned barangay or agency for their comments and/or appropriate actions.
  2. Once the complaint is amicably settled, the case shall be deemed closed.

NOTE: Although this office adheres to the Republic Act No. 11032, otherwise known as the Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act of 2018 as implemented and enforced by the Anti-Red Tape Authority, the processing time may vary depending on the nature of the complaint.

Civil Society Organization (CSO) Accreditation


  1. Submit the following requirements to our office or via email ([email protected]). Requirements shall be submitted in THREE (3) sets, one (1) set would be the receiving copy of the applying organization.
    • Letter of Intent
    • Duly accomplished Application Form
    • Board Resolution signifying intention for accreditation
    • Copy of Certificate of Registration
    • Constitution/By-Laws
    • List of current officers and members (with their addresses, citizenship and contact numbers)
    • Annual Accomplishment Report/Previous Activities/Projects
    • Financial Statement
    • Copy of Minutes of the Meeting duly certified by Board Secretary and Attendance of majority of the members who attended such meeting with their affixed signatures
    • Barangay Certification attesting to the year of existence of the organization (in the case PO is not registered in any National Government registering Agency)
  1. BCRD Coordinators will contact the organization once the certificate of accreditation is available

NOTE: The accreditation process is dependent on the Legislative’s hearings since the accreditation would need an approved City Ordinance.

Request For Burial Assistance

The following are eligible to apply for Burial Assistance: 

  • Punong Barangay 
  • Barangay Kagawad
  • Barangay Secretary 
  • Barangay Treasurer
  • SK Chairperson
  • Lupon Tagapamayapa
  • BPSO


  1. Submit the following documents to our office:
    • Death certificate (1 original & 2 photocopy) 
    • Marriage contract (1 original & 2 photocopy) – If the wife/husband/parents or other members of the family are deceased, please attach the death certificate
    • Birth certificate of the children (1 original & 2 photocopy) – If the daughter is married, please attach marriage certificate
    • Affidavit of Waiver of the Children (3 copies) 
    • Photocopy of ID of the claimant (2 copies) 
    • Photocopy of ID of children (1 copy) 
  2. BCRD Coordinators will contact the claimant once the check is available.

Filing for Barangay Dakila and Bayaning Frontliner Financial Assistance

  1. Submit the following requirements:
    • For Dakilang Frontiners: 
      • Certified true copy of positive swab test signed by PB
      • Original or certified true copy of medical certificate signed by PB
      • Certified photocopy of Barangay employee ID signed by PB 
    • For Bayaning Frontliners:
      • Certified true copy of positive swab test signed by PB
      • Original or certified photocopy of death certificate signed by PB
      • Certified photocopy of Barangay employee ID signed by PB
      • Certified photocopy of the beneficiary’s ID signed by PB
      • Certified photocopy of birth certificate signed by PB (if beneficiary is the frontliner’s child) OR certified photocopy of marriage certificate signed by PB (if the beneficiary is the frontliner’s spouse) OR affidavit of cohabitation (if the beneficiary is the common-law spouse of the frontliner)
  2. BCRD Coordinators will contact the claimant once the Assistance is available.

Department Directory

Mr. Ricardo B. Corpuz
City Government Department Head III
8988-4242 local 8525
[email protected]

Ms. Gracia Rowena F. Dela Cruz
Acting City Assistant Department Head III / Chief Administrative Officer
8988-4242 local 8520
[email protected]


Divisions Officer NameOffice AddressContact Information
Administrative DivisionMs. Blesilda C. Agpawa
Acting Head, Administrative Division / Project Evaluation Officer V
5th Floor, Civic Center Building A8988-4242 Loc. 8520
[email protected]
Personnel SectionMs. Consorcia M. Vasquez
Head, Personnel Section / Administrative Officer II
5th Floor, Civic Center Building A8 988-4242 Loc. 8520
[email protected]
Record SectionMs. Elizabeth D. Gomez
Head, Records Section /Administrative Officer V 
5th Floor, Civic Center Building A8988-4242 Loc. 8526
[email protected]
Operation and Monitoring DivisionMr. Jason G. Burce
Acting Head, Operations and Monitoring Division /Community Affairs Officer IV
5th Floor, Civic Center Building A8988-4242 loc. 8524
[email protected]
Planning and Programming DivisionMs. Gerry H. Dellosa
Head, Planning and Programming Division / Community Affairs Officer V
5th Floor, Civic Center Building A8988-4242 Loc. 8522 & 8528
[email protected]
Technical and Research Services DivisionMs. Margarita M. Villanueva
Acting Head, Technical and Research Services Division / Community Affairs Officer IV
5th Floor, Civic Center Building A8988-4242 Loc. 8527
[email protected]


Sept. 21, 2021 (Via Zoom)

1,228 Dakilang Frontliners
as of Sept. 30, 2021

Sept. 28 to Oct. 21, 2021 (Via Zoom)

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