City Accounting Department

  • CAD
  • 3rd & 4th Floor, Finance Bldg., Quezon City Hall, Kalayaan Ave., Elliptical Road, Quezon City
  • 8988-4242 loc. 8328 / 8339
  • [email protected]


Department Head

The City Accounting Department (CAD) is in charge of processing, recording, and summarizing financial transactions and reporting the financial conditions and results of operations of the City Government.

To provide management with timely, relevant, and useful financial information and reports in making rational, prudent government spending and investment decisions responsive to the needs of its constituents.

To assist management in attaining operational efficiency, fiscal discipline, and strategic allocation of the Quezon City’s resources.


Conducting ourselves in an honest and credible manner, abiding by high ethical and moral standards

Achieving excellence in all our assigned responsibilities carried out with pride and professionalism

Meeting and facilitating the financial needs of the Quezon City local government


An Ordinance No. SP 635, Series of 1198, establishing the CITY ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT as mandated under Republic Act No. 7160, providing for its organization, defining its functions and responsibilities and appropriating the necessary funds for its operation and adopted on February 24, 1998.

As mandated in Republic Act No. 7160, otherwise known as the Local Government Code of 1991, the Accountant shall take charge of both the accounting and internal audit services of the Local Government Unit and shall:

  • Install and maintain an internal audit system in the local government unit concerned;
  • Prepare and submit financial statements to the City Mayor and to the Sanggunian concerned;
  • Apprise the Sanggunian and other local government officials on the financial condition and operation of the City Government;
  • Certify to the availability of budgetary allotment to which expenditures and obligations may be properly charged;
  • Review supporting documents before preparation of vouchers to determine completeness of the requirements;
  • Prepare statements of cash advances, liquidation, salaries, allowances, reimbursements, and remittances pertaining to the City Government;
  • Prepare statements of journal vouchers and liquidation of the same and other adjustments related thereto;
  • Post individual disbursements to the subsidiary ledger and index cards;
  • Maintain individual ledgers for officials and employees of the City Government unit pertaining to payrolls and deductions;
  • Record and post in index cards details of purchased furniture, fixtures, and equipment, including disposal thereof, if any;
  • Account for all issued requests for obligations and maintain and keep all records and reports related thereto;
  • Prepare journals and the analysis of obligations and maintain and keep all records and reports related thereto; and
  • Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be provided by law or ordinance.

We commit to:

  • Prepare clearly, comprehensively, and fairly present the financial statements on a timely manner in compliance with reportorial requirements.
  • Inform local government officials and Sanggunian of the financial condition and operations of the city government.
  • Know what needs to be done in the examination of supporting documents to determine completeness of requirements to every claim for payments.
  • Promptly attend to all queries and provide assistance prior to the end of working hours and during lunch breaks.
  • Record, maintain, and keep all records and reports related to disbursements, obligation of funds, journals, and index card details payments to contractors/suppliers, employees regardless of status.
  • Carry out the duties and responsibilities as public servants with utmost and genuine courtesy, fairness, honesty and in compliance with the law.
  • Providing service to everyone without unfair discrimination and regardless of party affiliation or preference.
  • Performing one’s duties with the highest degree of excellence, intelligence, skills and utmost devotion and dedication to duty. Endeavour to discourage wrong perceptions as dispensers or peddlers of undue patronage.


  • Pre-Audit of Payroll/s Employees
  • Pre-Audit of Disbursement Voucher – Procurement of Good, Infrastructure Projects, and Consultancy Services
  • Verification of Application for Refund of Retention Fees (Guarantee / Security Deposits Payable)
  • Issuance of Certification of Outstanding Cash Advance Balance
  • Preparation of Liquidation Report
  • Abstract of Revenue
  • Preparation of Barangay Financial Statement
  • Issuance of Certification for Taxes Withheld
  • Issuance of Certification for Employees Mandatory Deductions / Contribution
  • Processing of Accountant’s Advice for Local Check Disbursement Transmitted by Cash Division, CTO


Ms. Ruby G. Manangu
City Accountant
8988-4242 loc. 8801
[email protected]

Ms. Grecile P. Gumban
Assistant City Accountant
8988-4242 loc. 8800
[email protected]

Administrative Division
Ms. Alicia A. Ostaco
Division Chief
8988-4242 loc. 8328
[email protected]

Barangay Accounting Services Division
Ms. Irene P. Jallorina
Division Chief
8988-4242 Loc. 8325
[email protected]

Financial Accounts and Analysis Division
Mr. Ernesto G. Hinal
8988-4242 Loc. 8323
[email protected]

Fiscal Management and Control Division
Mr. Cleto DG. Aquino
8988-4242 Loc. 8326
Receiving            – Loc. 8337
Processing          – Loc. 8341
[email protected]

Payrolls, Bills and Remittance Division
Ms. Maria Rowena C. Venturina
Division Chief
8988-4242 Loc. 8324
[email protected]

Revenue, Abstract and Statistics Division
Mr. Santos D. Peralta Jr.
8988-4242 Loc. 8322
[email protected]



  1. Takes charge of all matters relating to personnel action such as preparation of appointments and related pertinent documents, requests for authority for the filling up of vacant positions, notice of salary adjustments, and other activities pertaining to administration;
  2. Takes charge of employee’s leave applications and maintain records of their corresponding leave credits;
  3. Maintains a centralized system of records keeping for the Department;
  4. In charge of all matters relating to computer information and system;
  5. Consolidates budget and accomplishment reports of the Department;
  6. Takes charge of the supervision/administration of office personnel, other general services and job assignment of drivers;
  7. Takes charge of the acquisition, maintenance, and disposition of supplies and equipment


  1. Maintains the books of original entry, General and Subsidiary Ledgers for barangay properties as well as the record of accountabilities of each Barangay Treasurer;
  2. Prepares financial statements for each barangay units and the reconciliation statement of each barangay depository account;
  3. Keeps and acts as custodian of the books of accounts and financial records of all barangays;
  4. Assists in the physical inventory taking of barangay properties and in the preparation of the reports thereon;
  5. Maintains records of accountability of each of the Barangay Treasurer;
  6. Recapitulates real property tax collection for each barangay and determines the share of each in such collections;
  7. Consolidates all the proceeds of community tax collected to the barangay fund where the tax is collected;
  8. Ensures the propriety and validity of all obligations incurred and subsequent payments by the Barangay Treasurer;


  1. Keeps and maintains a systematic, complete, and reliable set of books of accounts of the City Government;
  2. Prepares and submits financial statements and other related reports to the City Mayor, City Council, and other government agencies;
  3. Analyzes and interprets the financial statements/reports of the City; prepares reports based on the findings and analysis made and recommends appropriate action thereon;
  4. Maintains subsidiary ledgers for the cost of individual projects (project cost accounting);
  5. Coordinates with the project implementing units of the City on matters relating to project costing;
  6. Summarizes and prepares reports on on-going and completed projects;
  7. Analyzes past due accounts and recommends appropriate action to be taken thereon;
  8. Coordinates with the different offices regarding compliance/settlements of COA suspensions/disallowances;


  1. Examines claims for payments and vouchers in support of disbursements to ascertain legality, accuracy of computation, account classification, and conformity with established accounting and auditing rules and regulations;
  2. Records and controls the releases of allotments for all offices/centers as a basis for the certification of the availability of funds by the City Accountant;
  3. Implements fiscal policies and guidelines on appropriation, allotment, and obligations;
  4. Prepares monthly reports on the Status of Funds available to the different city offices and departments;
  5. Provides a system of monitoring the implementation of cost reduction and improvement of the system on the processing of financial transaction for effective managerial control;
  6. Inspects deliveries of supplies and infrastructure projects being undertaken by the City Government;


  1. Checks and coordinates closely with the payroll/administrative units of the different departments/offices on the uniform application of payroll policies, policies, procedures, and form;
  2. Checks payrolls and vouchers pertaining to personal services as to amounts of claims, deductions, and statements of remittances;
  3. Maintains City officials and employees earnings records;
  4. Issues bills to take up accounts receivables due from other government agencies as well as private entities;
  5. Prepares remittances of collections and other payments due to other government instrumentalities and private entities;
  6. Issues certification of taxes, premiums, contributions, loans, and other deductions withheld from employee’s salaries, and from payments to suppliers, contractors, and related parties;


  1. In charge of abstracting and summarizing all revenues accruing to the City;
  2. Prepares monthly reports of actual receipts and revenues of the City;
  3. Prepares income projection for certain periods and other statistical data for analysis to determine the financial and economic standing of the City;
  4. Prepares monthly revenue adjustments;
  5. Verifies, classifies, and records duplicate copies of official receipts received from the City Treasurer’s Office;
  6. Verifies applied deposits and refunds of cash bond deposits.



Last updated on June 4th, 2022