City Assessor’s Department


Department Head

Responsible for carrying out the real property tax-related functions as prescribed under Section 472(b) of RA 7160 and perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.

CAO’s core responsibilities include:

  • Locating all taxable real properties (land, building and other structures, and machinery) within Quezon City;
  • Identifying and updating ownership;
  • Establishing taxable values based on actual use; and
  • Applying legal exemptions, for exempt properties; 

Responsible likewise in establishing a reliable real property tax information database, for efficient real property tax collection purposes, maintaining public records on real properties in form of tax maps, tax declarations and assessment rolls.   Different types of documents such as Field Appraisal and Assessment Sheets (FAAS) are likewise recorded annually, including  related documents like deeds of conveyances, Transfer Certificate of Titles/Condominium Certificate of Titles, BIR-Certificate Authorizing Registration, Subdivision Plans, Transfer Tax Receipts and the like.


Follow-up and verification of your requested document/s can be coursed thru the following direct numbers:

Tax Mapping Division (TMD)
Certified Copy of Tax Map, Certification of Adjoining Lots, Requests/Application for New Tax Declarations for Transfer/Correction/ Segregation/Consolidation)
✆ 8988-4242 loc. 8187/8189
📱 09054081474 / 09311270875
Requests/Applications for Issuance of New Tax Declarations (Transfer/Correction/Segregation/ Consolidation, etc) & Cancellation of Assessments*
✆ 8988-4242 loc. 8187/ 8189/8294/8296
📱 0905-4081474
Property Appraisal Division (PAD)
(New Assessments, Reassessments, Inspection/Cancellation of Assessments, Retirement of Machinery
✆ 8988-4242 loc. 8291/8294/8295
📱 09312077522 / 09055275632
Electronic Data Processing Division (EDP)
Certifications of Property Holdings, No property, No Improvement/With Improvement Requests for Value Reversion, Idle Land Tax- related Tagging/Untagging
✆ 8988-4242 loc. 8296
📱 09564274097/09154003490
Assessment Records Management Division (ARMD)
Certified True Copy of Tax Declarations (TDs)
✆ 8988-4242 loc. 8032/8031
📱 09989749783/09338255392
Release of New Tax Declarations (TDs) & Notice of (NOCs)*
✆ 8988-4242 loc. 8031/8032
📱 09989749783/09338255392
Property Valuation Standard Division (PVSD)
Request for Zonal Valuation & schedule of values
✆ 8988-4242 loc. 8369
Records Section-Administrative Division
Multiple/Bulk transactions requested/Inter or Intra-office communications, Legal, Banks, Real Estate Brokers, etc.
✆ 8988-4242 loc. 8371
📱 09312077517
Office of the City Assessor for complaints and feedback✆ 8988-4242 loc. 8185 or use our fb page