City Civil Registry Department

  • CCRD
  • Civic Center Building C, Quezon City Hall Compound, Mayaman St., corner East Ave., Quezon City
  • 8925-0453, 8928-4242 loc. 1515


Department Head, City Civil Registrar

Civil Registration is the continuous, permanent, compulsory recording of the occurrence and characteristics of vital events as these have been defined and as provided through decree or regulation, in accordance with the legal requirements in each country.  It is done primarily for the value of these important records as legal documents, and secondary for their usefulness as source of statistics.

The recording in the corresponding register of birth, death marriage, court decree and other legal instrument affecting the civil status of a person is the responsibility of the local civil registrar of the place where the event occurred or where the decree was issued.


  • To attain maximum efficiency in Civil Registration and enhance productive output for maximum benefit of the public.
  • To be responsive to the legal instrumentalities needed/ applied by constituents/ petitioners.
  • To be effective in transmitting copies of legal instruments to the National Statistics Office and Civil Registrar General.
  • To be efficient in the delivery of service to clients in our daily transactions.
  • To be transparent in our dealings and transactions. We maintain the policy of “no payment, no issuance”.
  • To be accountable and responsible to whatever registrable instrument/ documents this department issues to the public.
  • To upgrade the quality of services of city-owned public cemeteries, namely Bagbag, Baesa and Novaliches.

There are twenty-two (22) service counters open to the public Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. All counters are always open to serve you. “NO NOON BREAK!”

Counter 1.    Request for CTC (Certified True Copy) of Birth Certificate
Counter 2.    Request for CTC (Certified True Copy) of Birth Certificate
Counter 3.    Request and Releasing of CTC of Marriage Certificate
Counter 4.    Request and Releasing of CTC of Death Certificate
Counter 5.    Releasing of CTC (Certified True Copy) of Birth Certificate 
Counter 7.    Registration of Death Certificate
Counter 9.    Verification of Birth/Marriage and Death Certificates
Counter 10.  Courtesy Lane (PWD/Senior Citizen/Pregnant)
Counter 11.  Application and Issuance of Marriage License
Counter 12.  Registration of Marriage Certificate
Counter 13.  Legitimation/Admission of Paternity/Legal Instruments
Counter 14.  Admission of Paternity / R.A. 9255
Counter 15.  Court Decrees
Counter 16.  Late Registration of Birth/Operation Birthright
Counter 17.  Out of town Registration of Birth
Counter 18.  On-time Registration of Birth Certificate
Counter 19.  Inquiry and Releasing of RA9048/RA10172
Counter 21.  Filing of RA9048/RA10172 Counter 22.  Request and Releasing of Endorsement


Assistant Head:Ms. Daisy C. Labrador
Designation:Assistant Civil Registrar
Phone Number:8929-7747
Division/UnitAdministrative Division
Contact Person:Ms. Jemarian V. Tagavilla
Contact Number:8988-4242 local 1514/1515
Division/UnitBirth Registration Division
Contact Person:Ms. Nenette C. De Leon
Position:Acting Division Chief
Contact Number:8988-4242 local 1516
Division/UnitMarriage Registration Division
Contact Person:Ms. Daisy C. Labrador
Position:Assistant Civil Registrar concurrent Marriage Division Chief
Contact Number:8988-4242 local 1516
Division/UnitDeath Registration Division
Contact Person:Ms. Aurora M. Lontoc
Position:Acting Division Chief
Contact Number:8988-4242 local 1517
Division/UnitRecords and Archiving Division
Contact Person:Mr. Val Moises Z. Tocalo
Position:Acting Division Chief
Contact Number:8988-4242 local 1517
Division/UnitPublic Cemetery Management Division
Contact Person:Mr. Teogenes DM. Biglang-awa
Position:Special Operations Officer IV


CCRD Citizen's Charter 2020