Department of Public Order and Safety

  • DPOS
  • Quezon City Hall Compound
  • 8924-1851 / 8400-0599 / 8710-1871 / 8925-3702
  • [email protected]


Police Brigadier General (Ret.)
Department Head

Formulates plans, programs and activities that shall Improve Public Safety Services In the City;  undertakes continuing studies and researches on Public Safety and Security Regulations and makes appropriate recommendations; maintains coordinative network on Intelligence relative to public safety and security for the city; assess current set of green technology options with the government database and research Institutions available for all types of transport vehicles such as tricycle, taxi, PUJ, PUB, UV Express, School Service, Tourist Transport Service, and Delivery Trucks which may be considered for conversion; and ensures full compliance and complete Implementation on National / Presidential directives and Quezon City Ordinances.

The Department of Public Order and Safety (DPOS) is tasked to:

  • Provide public security
  • Augment auxiliary services on traffic management
  • Formulate plans and programs that improve public safety
  • Undertake protective and disaster relief services
  • Issue Temporary Terminal Permits for jeepneys and tricycles, traffic clearances for business establishments, security clearances for security agencies, and clearing of sidewalks of illegal vendors and obstructions.



Administrative Division
This division is tasked to provide the department with economical, efficient, and effective services relating to personnel, records, supplies, equipment, budgets, and accomplishment reports.


Traffic Operations Division
This division implements and enforces traffic rules and regulations as provided for under the following laws and ordinances, Republic Act (RA) 7924, RA 4136, and Quezon City Ordinance No. 128. It is also tasked to issue temporary terminal permits for jeepneys and tricycles. This Division has four units under it:

1. Traffic Enforcement Unit – This section is headed by Mr. Dexter Cardenas, who is responsible for the supervision and control of DPOS Traffic Enforcers whose main duties and responsibilities are to conduct traffic direction and control at their respective place of assignments.

2. City Hall Traffic Unit – This section is headed by SPO4 Ysmael Millan. It is composed of 70 traffic enforcers who are assigned to perform traffic direction and control within the Quezon City Hall compound and its immediate periphery.

3. Traffic Engineering and Inspection Unit – This unit is tasked to conduct inspection on road safety conditions, traffic signages, re-routing of traffic flow, and business establishments for traffic clearances.

This section is headed by Ms. Jennifer Diaz.

4. Education and Deputation Unit – This unit is responsible for the formulation of guidelines on training / seminars and conferences pertaining to traffic. It monitors and prepares statistics, data and reports on traffic violations; facilitates and coordinates with the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) for the deputation of Traffic Enforcers, barangay officials and non-government organizations. It also prepares for the issuance and renewal of Traffic Violation Receipts.

This section is headed by Robert Frilles, who is assisted by Ms. Nandita Canoy.


Security and Intelligence Division
This division is tasked to integrate and coordinate all activities involving security and intelligence networking in the City, including inspection and investigation of complaints filed by residents pertaining to public order, safety, and security. It processes business permits and working permits for security agencies and individual security guards. It also conducts inspections on public safety of business establishments’ structure and facilities, aside from providing security personnel to assist and maintain illegal vending activities.


Disaster Control Division
This division is tasked to undertake rescue and relief operations, as well as organize evacuation plans in times of disasters, calamities and other civil disturbance. It conducts seminars, trainings and dry-runs on disaster preparedness and first-aid techniques for barangay officials and volunteer workers, in addition to being responsible for continuous preparedness drills for fire and earthquake situations in the Quezon City Hall complex involving all departments.


Anti-Squatting Enforcement and Relocation Division
This division has not been activated since the creation of this department, its functions on demolition where taken over by Task Force Control Prevention and removal of all Illegal Structures and Squatting (TF-COPRISS) and the People’s Bureau on relocation.

Tricycle Regulatory Unit
Quezon City Hall Compound

The Division/Unit is mandated to register all tricycle units with franchises and to regulate and control the operations of tricycles in Quezon City pursuant to City Ordinance No. SP-15, S-92 as Amended and City Ordinance No. SP-1296, S-2003. This Office conducts daily regulatory operations to address public complaints and violations of the provisions of the said ordinances.


The Department of Public Order and Safety has rendered services not only to the residents of this city but also to the public in general. The services rendered are not limited only to the tasks embodied in the above-cited ordinance but address the following as well:

  • Complaints and/or requests filed in this office by any citizen pertaining to peace and order, safety, security, traffic management, towing and impounding of stalled vehicles and those involved in vehicular accidents;
  • Inspections and investigations of business establishments;
  • Issuance of permits for motorcades, walkathons, cycling competitions, and any other similar activities;
  • Provision of funeral escorts;Clearing of sidewalk obstructions and illegal vendors;
  • Rescue and relief operations in times of disaster and calamities such as; fire, earthquakes, flooding and typhoons;
  • Issuance of temporary terminal permits to jeepneys and tricycles.

Requirements for Availing of These Services

When requesting for the services needed by this department, all you have to do is write the Department of Public Order and Safety, indicating their requests and/or complaints. If there is a need for an urgent response right away, you can call our Radio Room on a 24- hour period at telephone numbers 921-00-57, 921-10-63 and 924-27-20.

For the issuance of a Temporary Terminal Permit for jeepneys and tricyles, the requesting party must submit the following requirements:

  • Letter request
  • Barangay Clearance Certificate
  • SEC registration (photocopy)
  • List of OfficersList of members with their plate numbers
  • Approved franchise route
  • Sketch of location

The following are the basic transaction requirements for tricycle unit registration.


  • Certificate of Approval from the Tricycle Franchising Board (TFB) for new franchises
  • Copy of Motorized Tricycle Operators Permit (MTOP) for yearly registration.
  • LTO Official Receipt and Certificate of Registration
  • Barangay Clearance
  • TODA Certificate of Membership
  • Annual tricycle fees is P225.00 per unit


  • Business Permit
  • LTO Official receipt and Certificate of registration
  • Certificate of Approval from TFB for new franchise
  • Copy of MTOP for renewal
  • Barangay Clearance
  • DTI Certificate and SEC Certification
  • Other requirements on case to case basis
  • Annual tricycle fee is P385.00 per unit