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About Us


Novaliches District Hospital (NDH) is a local government owned and mandated hospital, currently
licensed by the Department of Health as a Level 1 hospital with a 30 authorized bed capacity.
NDH, an ISO 9001:2015 certified health facility, commits itself to maintain safe and quality health
care service delivery.

Provides basic, emergency, inpatient and outpatient medical care via departmentalized clinical
services, nursing, ancillary and patient support services mainly, but are not limited to the residents
of the 5th District of the Quezon City, residents of the entire city and neighboring catchment areas.

Committed to fulfill the health needs and interest of the citizenry, our philosophical underpinnings
can be found at the heart of our Mission, Vision, Core Values, and quality policy.

To provide excellent patient care through upgraded health facilities and services, and to maintain
zealous dedication, competence, and professionalism among its personnel.

By 2025, NDH shall be a level 2 hospital providing quality and modern health care services
embracing the ideals of Universal Health Care.

Core Values

  • People-centered
  • Accountability
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Nurturing
  • Trustworthy

Legal Basis
Novaliches District Hospital (NDH) is a City Government owned and controlled hospital mandated
by virtue of City Ordinance no. SP-997 S-2001, and SP-1002 s. 2001 to render basic and
emergency healthcare services to the residents of greater Novaliches area and 5th District of
Quezon City that extends to its neighboring communities and catchment areas.

Quality Policy
The Novaliches District Hospital is committed to provide quality healthcare that is readily available,
accessible, and affordable to the public in compliance with all regulatory standards set by the
national and local government. We also conform to ethical standards, best practices in patient
care, safety, and ISO 9001:2015.
We continually improve our processes with goal of delivering total quality services to all our clients.


    1. Internal Medicine Ward
      • General Cases (Adult)
      • Internal Medicine
      • Diabetology
      • Gastroenterology
      • Neurology
      • Pulmonology
      • Cardiology
      • Pain Management & Palliative Care
    2. Obstetrics & Gynecology Ward
      • General Cases
      • High-Risk Pregnancy
      • Normal Spontaneous Delivery
      • Caesarian Section
    3. Pediatric Ward
      • General Cases
      • Sick-Neonate
      • Pediatric Special Care Cases (Nephrology, Neurology, Cardiology)
      • Pediatric Cases for Isolation
      • Newborn Screening
      • Hearing Test
    4. Surgery Ward
      • General Cases
      • Orthopedic
      • Ophthalmology (Non-Surgical)
    5. COVID Ward
      • Suspected COVID Cases (Adult & Pediatric)
      • Confirmed COVID Cases (Adult & Pediatric)
    6. Extension Facility (Located at NDH Parking Lot)
      • Suspected COVID Cases (Adult & Pediatric)
    • Minor and Major Operative Procedures
    • Labor & Delivery
    • Neonatal Special Care
    1. Emergency Room
      • General Non-COVID Related Cases
    2. COVID-19 Satellite Clinic
      • General COVID Related Cases
      • General Internal Medicine
      • Diabetology
      • Cardiology
      • Gastroenterology
      • Neurology
      • Nephrology
      • Pulmonary
        • Referral to FAST-TB (Finding Active Cases Separating and Treating Effectively – Tuberculosis) screening
        • Referral to TB-DOTS (Tuberculosis – Directly Observed Short Term Course)
      • Prenatal / Postnatal Care
      • Teenage Pregnancy
      • Family Planning
      • Well Baby Clinic
      • Sick Baby Consultation
      • Immunization
      • Neonatology
      • General Surgery
      • Orthopedic
      • Ophthalmology
    • Department of Internal Medicine
    • Department of OB-Gyne
    • Department of Pediatrics
    • Department of Surgery
    • Laboratory
      • Hematology
      • Clinical Microscopy
      • Blood Chemistry
      • Immunology & Serology
      • Drug Testing (For NDH Employees only)
      • RT-PCR Swabbing (QC Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory)
      • Rapid Antigen Testing
      • HIV Screening
    • Radiology
      • X-Ray
      • Ultrasound
    • Heart Station
      • ECG
      • 2D-Echocardiogram
    • Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Medicine
      • Consultation
      • Physical Therapy Session
    • Dental Service
      • Oral Examination
      • Tooth Extraction
      • Tooth Restoration
      • Oral Prophylaxis
    • Pulmonary Therapy
      • Arterial Blood Gas Extraction
      • Nebulization
      • Ventilator Hooking
      • High-Flow Nasal Cannula Hooking
      • PFT (Pulmonary Function Test)
      • Incentive Spirometry
    • Nutrition & Dietetics
      • Dietary Counseling
    • Infection Prevention & Control Unit
      • COVID19 Vaccination Program for NDH Employees & Relatives
      • Contact Tracing (Internal)
      • Reporting to City Epidemiology & Disease Surveillance Unit & Regional Epidemiology & Disease Surveillance Unit (COVID19 Cases & Notifiable Diseases)
    • Human Milk Bank
    • Hospital Epidemiology & Surveillance Unit (HESU)


COVID19 Vaccination Program for Pediatric Clients (12-17 y/o)

As one of the implementing agencies of the COVID-19 vaccination program of the City Government, the NDH COVID-19 Task Force Vaccination team regularly participates in the master listing, registration, vaccination referral, screening, inoculation, and post-assessment under the governance of the Quezon City Health Department. Inoculation date, time and venue are announced on the NDH Facebook page. All eligible QCitizens must register online to seamlessly avail of this service. 

Pursuing the strategy of making COVID vaccines more accessible to the public, pediatric patients aged 12-17 years who were admitted in the hospital are now eligible for COVID vaccination subject to parental consent and clinical eligibility screening. Upon admission, the parents or legal guardian will be asked to consent for the vaccination of their child/ren. Children or consenting parents may be vaccinated prior to discharge if permitted by the physician on duty. Otherwise, they will be referred and coordinated to the Quezon City Health Department to get their vaccine shot at a later schedule. 


How to avail Emergency Medical Consultation

  1. Approach the triage staff and state the chief complaint or reason for consultation with all honesty.
  2. Proceed to Registration window once Satellite Clinic slip is received from the triage nurse. Present the Satellite Clinic slip to the Registration staff.
  3. Return to triage window and hand-over the Satellite Clinic Record to triage staff. Wait for the Consultant on Duty.
  4. Proceed for check-up. Cooperate and follow Consultant on Duty. If for:
    1. Discharged – receive prescription and home instructions.
    2. Diagnostic procedure – wait until name is called upon by the respective staff to execute diagnostic procedure. 
    3. Observation – wait for the instruction of Satellite nurse in case emergency medicine ordered by physician is not available.
    4. Admission – sign consent for admission.
    5. THOC (Transfer to Hospital of Choice) – receive THOC referral form.

How to avail OPD (Face to Face) Medical Consultation


  1. Hospital Card (for old patients)
  2. QCitizen Card / Valid government-issued ID


  1. Send a message to NDHQC Out-Patient Department Facebook Online Account for queuing (
  1. Fill up the Patient Information Sheet (Google form) found in the chat box and send your QCitizen card / valid ID. Accomplish the online consultation consent form provided by the triage nurse and provide sufficient and truthful interview data. Prepare Viber account for teleconsultation.
  1. Initiate a Viber call thru Consultant on Duty’s Viber number or any secured encrypted platform that you have agreed upon with the Consultant on Duty. Patients may send laboratory and other diagnostic results thru email or Viber (if needed).
  1. For patients requiring Face-to-Face consultation after being seen in the Telemedicine, an appointment date and time will be given by the consultant on duty. Observe the OPD Face-to-Face consultation guidelines:
  • No Mask, No Entry.
  • One companion per patient.
  • No Appointment, No Entry.
  • Must be in the OPD area 15 minutes before the appointment time.
  • Print or take a picture of the appointment schedule message (to be presented on the day of consultation)

How to Avail of OPD (Face-to-Face) Medical Consultation with Appointment Schedule Taken from the Telemedicine


  1. Hospital Card (for old patients)
  2. Appointment Message from Telemedicine
  3. Health Declaration Form
  4. QCitizen Card / Valid government-issued ID


  1. All patients entering the hospital must accomplish a health declaration form, found both in the main entrance and back entrance of the hospital. They may be allowed to enter the hospital premises if there are no findings pertaining to COVID-19 disease. If with COVID-19 related findings, they will be redirected to NDH Satellite Clinic for further evaluation. 
  1. Proceed to OPD triage window and present the appointment message. Allow the OPD staff to get your vital sign.
  1. Prepare to answer questions regarding illness and physical examination. Submit self to consultation.
  1. Follow instructions given by the OPD staff for next follow-up schedule.

How a Philhealth member may avail of the RT-PCR Testing

Patient advised by the Consultant on Duty to undergo COVID-19 RT-PCR swabbing. Patient supplies required information. For Inactive Philhealth Account: Patient fills up PMRF and submits valid ID with complete address. 

  1. Patients will be advised for the RT-PCR schedule via SMS and shall return on the scheduled date of swabbing and present one valid ID for identity verification.
  2. Patient undergoes RT-PCR swabbing procedure and will be instructed regarding the release of RT-PCR results. Patients will be notified regarding results and further instructions via SMS or Email.   

Department Directory

Ms. Luzviminda S. Kwong, MD, DPBA, DPBPM, FPSA, FPSO
(02) 8931-0312 Local: 141
[email protected]

Mr. William Christian V. Reboton, MD, MHA, MPM
Assistant Hospital Director
Hospital Operations and Patient Support Services Division
(02) 8931-0312 Local: 141

Mr. Jehiel L. Fabon, MD, FPCP, MPHH, MSc
Division Chief – Clinical Services Division 
(02) 8931-0312 Local: 110

Mr. Hendrick Klein G. Acosta, MD, FPSGS, MPM, HG
Division Chief – Ancillary Service Division 
(02) 8931-0312 Local: 143

Mr. Gina N. Mallari, RN, MAN
Division Chief – Nursing Service Division
(02) 8931-0312 Local: 141

Hospital Operations & Patient Support Services DivisionDr. William Christian V. Reboton
Assistant Hospital Director
NDH Building, 3rd FloorTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 141
Admitting SectionMs. Mary Rose S. Bartolome
NDH Building, 1st FloorTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 105
Billing & Claims SectionMr. Rolando O. Tanglao
NDH Building, 1st FloorTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 106
Cashier SectionMs. Jerlie C. Soledad
NDH Building, 1st FloorTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 101
Accounting SectionMs. Cynthia S. Dolor
NDH Building, 3rd FloorTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 141
Engineering SectionEngr. Roberto N. Gonzales
NDH Building, 4th FloorTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 146
Information Technology SectionMr. Dennis G. Villanueva
Computer Engineer
NDH Building, 4th FloorTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 147
Email: [email protected]
Personnel SectionMs. Jo-Ann S. Gutierrez
NDH Building, 4th FloorTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 141
Email: [email protected]
Property & Supply SectionMr. Alan N. Birog
NDH Building, 4th FloorTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 147
Email: [email protected]
Medical Services DivisionDr. Jehiel L. Fabon
Division Head
NDH Building, Specialty ClinicTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 110
Department of Internal MedicineDr. Jehiel L Fabon
NDH Building, Specialty ClinicTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 110
Department of Obstetrics & GynecologyDr. Richard C. Jordias
NDH Building, Specialty ClinicTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 112
Department of PediatricsDr. Imelda F. Sevilla
NDH Building, Specialty ClinicTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 112
Department of SurgeryDr. Hendrick Klein G. Acosta
NDH Building, Specialty ClinicTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 143
Department of AnesthesiologyDr. Cherryl L. Mendiola
NDH Building, OR / DR Complex 2nd FloorTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 143
Emergency Room DepartmentDr. Arnel F. Lim
NDH Building, 1st FloorTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 148
Outpatient DepartmentDr. Omega Fralix G. Cruz
NDH Outpatient DepartmentTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 120
Email: [email protected]
Ancillary Services DivisionDr. Hendrick Klein G. Acosta
Division Head
NDH Building, 3rd FloorTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 147
Dental SectionDr. Cindy May G. Del Mundo
NDH Building, Specialty ClinicTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 118
Hospital Information Management SectionMs. Marivic O. Rombaon
NDH Building, 1st FloorTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 123
Heart Station UnitDr. Jasper Feliciano
NDH Building, 1st FloorTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 109
Laboratory SectionMs. Cecilia G. Ortiz
NDH Building, 1st FloorTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 124
Email: [email protected]
Medical Social Service SectionMs. Rosario J. Cruz
NDH Malasakit CenterTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 152
Email: [email protected]
Nutrition & Dietetics SectionMs. Nanette S. Rabino
NDH Building, 1st FloorTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 127
Pharmacy SectionMs. Olive S. Bartolome
NDH Building, 1st FloorTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 126
Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Medicine SectionDr. Florence R. Bries
NDH Building, 1st FloorTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 108
Radiology SectionMr. Merlito S. Viray
NDH Building, 1st FloorTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 10
Respiratory Therapy UnitDr. Roland M. Panaligan
NDH Building, 1st FloorTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 150
Nursing Service DivisionMs. Gina N. Mallari
Division Head
NDH Building, 3rd FloorTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 141
Operating Room, Delivery Room and Neonatal Special Care ComplexMs. Joy Gualberto
Head Nurse
NDH Building, 2nd FloorTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 113
Obstetrics & Gynecology WardMs. Deborah Tosio
Head Nurse
NDH Building, 2nd FloorTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 112
Pediatric WardMs. April Girao
Head Nurse
NDH Building, 2nd FloorTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 112
Internal Medicine WardMr. Ronald Domingo
Head Nurse
NDH Building, 3rd FloorTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 121
Surgery WardMs. Helen Bautista
Head Nurse
NDH Building, 2nd FloorTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 121
Central Supply RoomMr. Sammy Jones Durante
Head Nurse
NDH Building, 4th FloorTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 141
Continuous Quality Improvement UnitDr. Maria Mystica Flodalyn T. Bautista
NDH Building, 3rd FloorTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 141
Email: [email protected]
Data Protection OfficeAtty. Katerina G. Bustamante
Data Privacy Officer AD Interim
NDH Building, 3rd FloorTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 141
Email: [email protected]
Infection Prevention & Control UnitDr. Justin O. Ho
NDH Building, 3rd FloorTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 141
Email: [email protected]
Hospital Epidemiology & Surveillance UnitDr. Christine Marie C. Bucad
NDH Building, 3rd FloorTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 141
Human Milk BankDr. Grace M. Fabon
NDH Building, 1st FloorTel: (02) 8931-0312 Local: 126


Racing against the imminent hurdles against safe and quality health care, the Department of Health, Metro Manila Center for Health Development Health Facility Development Bureau visited NDH on August 31, 2022 to validate the hospital’s compliance with the standards of Integrated Hospital Operations Management Program (IHOMP) and Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Program in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the quest for Universal Health, anchored on the purpose of enabling the hospitals in its journey to continuous development.
Appraising the hospital’s IHOMP and IPC performance status via audio-visual presentation, on-site inspection and documentary review in six key result areas, namely, Governance, Ethics and Patients’ Rights, Quality Measurement and Improvement, Patient Safety, Facility Safety and Emergency Management, and Resource Management, NDH garnered a total score of ninety-two (92) out of 100 points. As per metrics, this score means that the health facility is doing well and established practices are commendable.
During the post-validation conference, the hospital vouched to submit an action plan to comply with the minor observations made by the team of validators, specifically addressing the communication of patients’ rights, and further improving the current practices for sanitation, waste management, zoning, fire safety, signages, and confidentiality.
This undertaking is just but one manifestation of concerted efforts made to harness, improve, and sustain a healthy integrated hospital management towards achieving organizational efficiency, resiliency against public health emergencies and embracing the ideals of Universal Health.

The COVID-19 Pandemic is not yet over. The hospital continues to be a partner of the Local and National Government in the COVID-19 vaccine deployment program. Through the Quezon City Health Department, NDH COVID-19 Task Force and various hospital units participating in the vaccination team, and reinforcement from the Barangay San Bartolome, and the San Bartolome de Novaliches Parish, we continuously administer primary doses, as well as first and second booster series for patients, hospital personnel and immediate relatives across all recommended ages and vaccine recipient categories.
As of the 2022 midyear, we were able to administer 6,794 doses of anti-COVID vaccines particularly described as follows:

Human Milk Bank Inauguration

Completed on October 12, 2021, and inaugurated on November 05, 2021, NDH established its very own Human Milk Bank with the aid of the City Government and partnership with the Rotary Club. This priority project of Mayor Belmonte is a hallmark of the Mother-Baby Friendly Hospital advocacy which aims to advance the promotion of breast milk’s nutritional value and multiple benefits particular to motherss and/or children who cannot breastfeed. This new facility makes pasteurized breastmilk available to the QCitizens of the greater Novaliches and catchment areas.

Mother-Baby Friendly Hospital Accreditation 2021

On September 23, 2021, the Maternal and Child division of the Health Facilities and Services Regulatory Bureau of the Department of Health, recommended the renewal of the NDH accreditation status as A Mother-Baby Friendly Hospital (For Initiative and Workplace) after surpassing the set standards and criteria. This accreditation status is vital for the continuity of quality service delivery and further enhancement of the Maternal and Child Health program.

POGS Accreditation 2021

After surpassing the virtual reaccreditation procedure conducted on September 11, 2020, NDH renewed its Level II-B accreditation status from the Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society (POGS) for service on January 01, 2021. This enables the Hospital to provide obstetrics and gynecology programs on par with the standards and minimum requirements set forth by the POGS. The accreditation certificate covering the period of January 01, 2021, to December 31, 2023, is a covenant that binds the hospital to continue delivering quality OB-Gyne health care services for the QCitizens and neighboring communities. 

NDH 20th Founding Anniversary

March 13, 2021, marked the 20th founding anniversary of the hospital from the enactment of Quezon City Ordinance no. SP-997, S-2001, when Novaliches District Hospital (NDH) was adopted as the official name of the institution. The celebration inspired the webinar series “Bayanihan sa Gitna ng Pandemya”.

NDH Joins the campaign against COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy  

To help with health literacy on the science of vaccines as part of the key strategies for eliminating the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, NDH joined the campaign against vaccine hesitancy through interviews with experts and pioneers of the hospital, viral posters online, and a series of webinars to educate the NDH staff, medical, nursing, allied health personnel, and the vaccination team of the rudiments of the vaccination.

Hospital-wide Refurbishment 

The NDH renovation project is an aesthetic and structural reinvention of the hospital wards and facilities that includes painting and wall artworks, installation of signages, division, fixture and visual display, and improvements in the OPD Multi-specialty clinics, OB-Gyne, Pediatric, and Medical ward. During this time of the pandemic, the third-floor ward areas were repurposed as COVID wings for admission of moderate and severe COVID cases, and part of the multi-specialty clinics serve as an additional area for the accommodation of physicians on a 24-hour shifts. 

Most Outstanding Level 1 Government Hospital in 2019

After having satisfied the criteria set forth by the Philippine Hospital Association for the 2019 annual recognition program for hospitals, Novaliches District Hospital was recognized as the Most Outstanding Hospital under the Level 1 Government hospital category.

The Malasakit Center

On October 18, 2019, the Malasakit Center officially opened its compassionate doors in the Novaliches District Hospital. Following the provisions of Joint Administrative Order No. 2018-0001 between PhilHealth, DOH, DSWD, PCSO, and PAGCOR, NDH was one of the first level 1 local government hospitals chosen as Malasakit Center service providers in 2018.

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NDH Citizen's Charter 2021

Last updated on January 23rd, 2023