Public Employment Service Office

  • PESO
  • 4th Floor, Civic Center Building A, City Hall Compound
  • 8988-4242 loc. 8435



Created by Executive Order No. 4 on February 9, 1989, the Industrial Relations Office (IRO) is mandated “to develop and enhance the cooperation and understanding between management and labor towards industrial peace in Quezon City.”

This original mandate was broadened to include the promotion and sustenance of the City’s Employment Program when, in September 3, 1992, the City Government signed a pertinent Memorandum of Agreement with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). Thus, the City’s Public Employment Service Office (PESO) was born.

PESO pursues the following objectives:

* Promote employment programs for City residents in need of jobs;
* Provide employment counseling, career guidance and other such services to the City’s students and out-of-school youth;
* Promote industrial peace by mediating in labor-management disputes upon the request of a contending party.


Administrative Section
Ms.Aurora O. Palogan
Tel. No. 8988-4242 local 8439

Employment Section
Mr. Joe Alex M. Macabulos
Tel. No. 8988-4242 local 8437

Special Program Section
Ms. Djohanna Delia G. Ravelo
Tel. No. 8988-4242 local 8436


* Referrals for Local and Overseas Employment
– Tulong Alalay sa Taong May Kapansanan (TULAY 2000)
– Rural Works Program

* Recruitment Assistance for Employers
– Processing, recruitment and matching of the skills and qualifications of persons with disabilities (PWDs) with the manpower requirements of prospective employers

* Employment Information and Guidance Services
– Work Appreciation Program
– Special Program for Employment of Students
– Vocational and Career Guidance Program

* Job Fairs

Requirements for Availment of Services

Work Appreciation Program. This is one of the components of Kabataan 2000, the President’s Youth Work Program being implemented by the Department of Labor and Employment. Its objective is to expose the youth to actual work situations to provide them with opportunities to appreciate work and develop proper work ethics.

Requirements from Participants/Beneficiaries:
– Must be 18-25 years old
– Must be unemployed
– May be in-school of out-of-school
– Must be physically fit

Requirements from Private Employers:
– Any person, private entity or establishment
– Regardless of employment size
– Willing to provide training opportunities for work appreciation
– Willing to pay a stipend equivalent to 75% of prevailing wage rates

Special Program for Employment of Students. This program is another component of Kabataan 2000. It is mandated by Republic Act No. 7323, “An Act to Help Poor But Deserving Students Pursue Their Education by Encouraging Their Employment During Summer and/or Christmas Vacations, through Incentives Granted To Employers, Allowing Them to Pay Only Sixty Per Centum (60%) of Their Salaries or Wages and the Forty Per Centum (40%) through Education Vouchers to be Paid by the Government.” The DOLE Secretary is designated by this law as SPES Program Director.

Requirements from Participants/Beneficiaries:
– 15-25 years old
– If student, enrolled during the current school year/term or during the
school year/term immediately preceding the summer vacation
– If drop-out, intends to continue/resume his/her studies
– Parents’ combined annual income after tax must not exceed P36,000
– If student, obtained passing grade during the current school year/term
– If drop-out, obtained passing grade in the last school year/term attended

Requirements from Private Employers:
— Has employed at least 50 workers at any time in the past 12 months

Job Fairs. This program provides a venue for the instant matching of job seekers and job openings. It reduces the job search costs of job seekers as well as the recruitment costs of employers.

Requirements from Applicants:
– Bio-data or resumé with recent ID picture
– School credentials
– Barangay, NBI & police clearances
– Certificate of training or employment, if any

Requirements from Employers/Agencies:
– Letter of intent to participate in the program
– Company profile
– Business permit
– DOLE permit to operate (for local employment agencies)
– POEA permit to operate (for overseas employment agencies)
– Listing of job vacancies or openings

Rural Works Program. This is a stop-gap measure intended to address the adverse effects of trade liberalization and globalization by providing job placement in community-based, labor-intensive infrastructure projects. The title of the project for implementation in the Calendar Year 2003 is “Cleaning of Creeks and Drainages (Declogging and Desilting).” The targeted areas are: Talayan Creek in District I, Tullahan Creek in District II, Pasong Tamo Creek in District III, and Arayat Creek in District IV.

Manpower Requirements: 24 per Project
– 12 out-of-school youth
– 10 laborers (displaced workers)
– 2 foremen (displaced workers)

Requirements from Applicants:

For out-of-school youth
– Accomplished DOLE bio-data form (available at IRO Office)
– Resident of a barangay near the project area/site

For displaced workers
– Bio-data
– Barangay clearance
– Resident of a barangay near the project area/site

Tulong Alalay sa Taong May Kapansanan. This is a special employment program for persons with disabilities (PWDs). As mandated by Republic Act No. 7277, the Magna Carta for Disabled Persons, this program provides tax incentives for participating employers.

Requirements from Participant/Beneficiary PWDs:
– Must meet the required skills and qualifications for the position

Requirements from Private Employers:
– DOLE certification that qualified PWDs are under their employ during the taxable year, stating the full name, status, address and Taxpayer
Identification Number (TIN) of each such employee
– DOLE and DOH certifications as to the disability, skills and
qualifications of the PWDs employed
– Evidence of actual payment of salaries or wages, deductions and withholding taxes of the employed PWDs