Radio Communications Services Office

  • 3rd Floor, DRRM Building, Quezon City Hall Compound, Kalayaan Avenue
  • 988-4242 local 8407/8416


Radio Communications Services Office and QC 122 Emergency & Information Helpline

City Ordinance No. 173, S-90, created the Radio Communications Service Office under the Office of the City Mayor, defined, its organization and functions and appropriate funds for its operation.

City Ordinance SP-2029, S-2010, An ordinance mandating the establishment of an emergency and information helpline to be known as “QC 122” under the Radio Communications Service of the Office of the City Mayor defining its functions and responsibilities.

Executive Order No. 24, S-2019, re: Constituting the Quezon City Citizens’ Complaint Hotline 8888 Action Team, with the City Administrator as the Focal Person. The Head of Radio Communications Service was designated as the Alternate Focal Person with Radio Communications Staff as Secretariat and Technical Staff of 8888 software.

Executive Committee meeting, City Administrator Michael Victor Alimurung as Chairperson, Ease of Doing Business, directed Radio Communications Service to manage the Citys’ Helpdesk for complaints and Public Services with official email domain as

To be an effective service provider on a 24/7 basis through an efficient and reliable integrated two-way communication system and emergency and information helpline QC122; a way of providing Quezon City officials and constituencies ready, fast and easy access to assistance from police, traffic, fire, EMS, rescue and other concerns that need immediate attention by the City Government.

To provide fast, reliable, coordinated and continuous integrated two-way communications through radio and special 3-digit contact number, QC 122, as an emergency and information helpline that are readily accessible to the general public, city mayor, key officials and heads of various action units, especially during emergency and critical situations.

Service Pledge

  • Radio Communications Service Office and Staff commit to take charge of the establishment of appropriate, fast, efficient, reliable, coordinated and/ or integrated communication system, and Emergency and Information Helpline by the City Government, 24/7. (City Ordinance No. 2029, S-2010), 8888 Permanent Action Team Citizen’s Complaint Hotline (Executive Order No. 24,S-2019) & management of City’s Helpdesk for complaints and public service with official email domain as
  • Commit to quality management of day to day operations and activities of the office.
  • Systematically acquire, install and/ or operate Radio Communications devices and facilities which are deemed necessary to carry out the goals, objectives, functions and responsibilities of the office.


Mr. Carlos I. Verzonilla
Communications Service Officer
8988-4242 local 8407 / 8416
8922-3227 / 927-8827 

Call Center DIAL : 122

  • Emergency and Information Helpline
  • Police Assistance
  • Fire Accident
  • Medical Assistance
  • Road Accidents
  • Traffic Situations
  • City Hall Assistance