The Department of Building Official has started training and briefing its evaluators and administrative support staff in preparation of the DBO Digital Evaluation System. The said system introduces a new level of interactive interface in public service. This includes inspections, evaluations, verification, and approval of Permit applications. It is aimed to further promote transparency and efficiency in building regulation. In fact, upon its anticipated launching, it will be the first ever digital evaluation system with regard to building regulation, in the country!

At present, the offices involved in Permit processing observe a linear process. However, with the proposed DBO Digital Evaluation System, offices involved in the Permitting process will observe a parallel process. The parallel process is just one of the benefits of the system, but ultimately, with its upcoming launching, evaluators will check and evaluate digital copies of building plans. Digital copies will be saved in a cloud storage accessible to authorized personnel making recording and archiving easier and faster. This system will do away with the bulky copies of paperwork resulting to an efficient and transparent government regulation that is keeping up with the global digital standards.

Aside from digital evaluation, the upcoming DBO Digital Evaluation System will allow Quezon City to conform with the standards being imposed by the Anti Red Tape Authority when it comes to an automated system for building regulation.