QCitizens who have already registered for a QCitizen ID Card can soon expect an expedited processing system for the city’s services and privileges through the digital conversion of the IDs into a unified database.

This is through the ongoing creation of a complete and accurate database of its residents that will be rolled out very soon. This database will include not just residents and voters who already possess the ID, but also visitors, and those who have yet to avail of the unified identification system but are in the city’s census like long-staying tenants.

Working in conjunction with the database, a QCitizen’s unique citizen number will ensure that they are easily within reach and informed of benefits that they may claim from the city government while, at the same time, safeguarding said benefits from fraud and abuse from both other citizens and even government officials—like someone else taking their rightful benefits or someone already deceased taking a share of resources meant for others.     

As there are more than three million people who call the city home in its six districts and 142 Barangays, the database will ensure swifter delivery of services to such a large population, like informing citizens of free health check-ups nearby, medical missions, or upcoming disability provisions like free mobility equipment. The database will also cut down the need to fill up physical forms that will eventually reduce the city’s reliance on paper forms, an outmoded process of going through stacks of physical files prone to systems loss and clerical error.  

While the digitization is in progress, the city’s strict adherence to the Data Privacy Act and other heightened security measures will ensure that a resident’s sensitive information is held under the best protection available.

As it is processed, the growing QCitizen database will provide a more precise picture of the QC population through myriad points of information, the resident’s current requirements, and a clearer prioritization of what improvements are needed for which sectors. Still haven’t registered for your QCitizen ID? You can register for one here: https://qceservices.quezoncity.gov.ph/