WASH: Quezon City partners with Manila Water Foundation to provide hand washing facilities across the city

Frequent and proper hand washing is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your family from getting sick especially amid COVID-19.

In June this year, Manila Water Foundation (MWF) has worked with the Quezon City local government on the WASH in Pandemic initiative. To better aid QCitizens in proper hygiene and hand washing, MWF has provided hydration support to Metro Manila Persons with Disability (MMPWD) Vendors Association, which will be given to PWDs requesting for assistance in their office, and sanitation support to QC Hope Community Caring Centers, which houses patients affected by COVID-19.

As of June, MWF provided 200 pieces of five-gallon bottled water and 30 gallons of Cleene ethyl alcohol from Philusa Corporation to Hope Community Caring Centers, and donated 1,008 bottles of 350ml Healthy Family Purified Water to MMPWD Vendors Association, which they will hand out to PWDs who are lineup for their IDs, as well as those who are going back to earn their living.

Through this partnership, MWF will be implementing the construction of handwashing and drinking facilities in QC Hall Complex and Quezon Memorial Circle, distributing 4,000 hygiene packs to barangays, and disseminating IEC posters and signages with designated hand hygiene champions.

These hybrid hand wash facilities also provide access to potable water while its design provides the safe distance to practice social distancing. Hand washing facilities have been stationed along Quezon City Hall Talipapa, Murphy Super Health Center, and the Kamuning Super Health Center.

This is part of the second phase of interventions for the city since the food and WASH support for communities and hospitals last May.

MWF is grateful for the support of the Quezon City Government including City Mayor‘s Office, Environmental Protection and Waste Management Department (EPWMD), General Services Department (GSD) and Persons with Disability Affairs Office (PDAO), PHILUSA Corporation, Healthy Family, and Manila Water Quezon City Business Area.

Ten months into the pandemic, handwashing with soap remains one of our best defenses against the virus, along with other public health measures such as maintaining physical distance, avoiding crowded places, practicing cough etiquette and wearing a mask wherever recommended.

The pandemic is still among us and it is far from over. We must remind ourselves of the basics that keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. Join us in bringing #WASHinPandemic to more communities by donating to this cause. For more information, visit this link: https://bit.ly/MWFDonateNow