The Envisioned City of Quezon

Quezon City was conceived in a vision of a man incomparable – the late President Manuel Luis Quezon – who dreamt of a central place that will house the country’s highest governing body and will provide low-cost and decent housing for the less privileged sector of the society. He envisioned the growth and development of a city where the common man can live with dignity.

I dream of a capital city that, politically shall be the seat of the national government; aesthetically the showplace of the nation— a place that thousands of people will come and visit as the epitome of culture and spirit of the country; socially a dignified concentration of human life, aspirations and endeavors and achievements; and economically as a productive, self-contained community.

– President Manuel L. Quezon

Equally inspired by this noble quest for a new metropolis, the National Assembly moved for the creation of this new city. The first bill was filed by Assemblyman Ramon P. Mitra with the new city proposed to be named as “Balintawak City”. The proposed name was later amended on the motion of Assemblymen Narciso Ramos and Eugenio Perez, both of Pangasinan to “Quezon City”.