To provide safer and more walkable footbridges and roads in Quezon City, the city government has firmed up plans to add more lamp posts, repair and improve footbridges, including having more accessible and bike-friendly ramps.

This after an assessment conducted by city engineers showed that some footbridges need rehabilitation such as additional street lights and overall reconstruction to ensure public safety while the city parks department is in charge of putting up plant boxes containing various types of plants to beautify the walkways.

In addition, the city government also proposes to put up bike ramps on select footbridges traversing bike lanes to allow easy access for bicycles and handicapped pedestrians.

To ensure safety on the roads and bike lanes, the city also plans to put up 2,500 to 3,000 lamp posts a year for the next 8-10 years which will move QC from being more than 60% illuminated to 100% on all roads.

The city is targeting a smart lighting program with a central management system which will help in monitoring all 75,000 lights once completed.

“We have seen how useful our GORA lanes and bike lanes are to the people, not just the residents but to everyone who uses them,” Mayor Joy Belmonte said.

“That is also the reason why the city proposes to enhance and rehabilitate more so we can provide better walkways and more green open spaces in our city, after all, Quezon City is home to most of the green spaces in Metro Manila,” the mayor added.

The city government also has several parks development and rehabilitation projects underway which aim to provide safe, accessible and sustainable parks and pathways in QC.