The Quezon City Government is set to produce interactive storybooks for the youth and children with disabilities through the Inclusive Climate Action Cities Fund (ICA Fund) administered by the C40 Cities.

Through the ICA Fund, the city will develop a series of “QC Local Climate Action Plan For Kids” books that will discuss the solutions and initiatives to address the effects of climate change. These will be the inclusive and child-friendly versions of the City’s Enhanced Local Climate Change Action Plan for 2021 to 2050.

The books will be designed for preschool to high school students, spanning ages 4 to 18, and will be crafted in various versions to accommodate individuals with varying needs and limitations.

“I am proud to join other leading mayors in the world in advancing inclusive and equitable climate action with the support of C40’s new Inclusive Climate Action Fund. In Quezon City, we recognize the need for inclusive and accessible information dissemination that caters to all residents, of all backgrounds, educational attainment and age groups, to better engage them in our climate action initiatives,” Mayor Joy Belmonte said.

About 45% of Quezon City’s household population is composed of young QCitizens, including those who experience limitations and disabilities.

The city’s climate actions will be presented in an interactive picture storybook or pop-up book format to cater to the most vulnerable sector including children with disabilities, informal settler families, and out-of-school youth.

They will be made accessible in braille and audiobook formats, ensuring that children of all abilities and ages can actively engage in climate action.

“This shows our continuing commitment to inclusive climate action for all. This project will help address this priority, putting the needs of the youth and children with disabilities at the forefront of its design and delivery,” the mayor added.

On June 28, the C40 Cities announced that Quezon City is among the recipients of the grant, alongside cities of Bogotá (Colombia), Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), Los Angeles (USA), Vancouver (Canada) and Warsaw (Poland). 

The ICA Fund is C40’s first-ever grant for cities specifically focused on facilitating inclusive climate action and a just transition to a green economy. It also supports science-driven and locally-led climate initiatives.

The ICA Fund is supported by the Open Society Foundations and builds directly on the ongoing success of C40’s Global Green New Deal Pilot Initiative. It is aimed at supporting cities around the world to deliver transformative projects benefiting urban dwellers and vulnerable communities.

“Mayors recognise that there can be no climate justice without social justice and are already leading the way to achieve both in their cities. However, more support is needed. The C40 Inclusive Climate Action Cities Fund will provide more support to cities to implement specific projects that address social justice and the climate emergency in tandem. The six cities receiving the first round of funding reflect my commitment to expanding the Global Green New Deal programme and supporting Global South cities in prioritizing climate action that tackles inequality,” C40 Cities Chairperson and London Mayor Sadiq Khan said.

“With the rising cost of living globally and the increasing injustices of climate breakdown, residents around the world have a huge need for healthier, fairer, more sustainable and inclusive societies. Inclusive and equitable climate action has never been so urgent and mayors are leading the way in showing what a just, green transition looks like in practice. By providing the necessary financial and technical support, C40’s ICA Fund is a concrete mechanism for them to further scale and accelerate delivery of inclusive climate action that specifically addresses the needs of vulnerable people,” Inclusion and Global Leadership Managing Director Caterina Sarfatti explained.

Since 2015, as the lone member-city from the Philippines, Quezon City has been an active member of the C40 Cities working with the world’s leading cities that are committed to confronting climate change and promoting climate justice.