STEP 1:  Referral

  • The City Epidemiology Surveillance Unit (CESU) will inform the patient of their COVID-19 positive results,  assess and issue isolation/quarantine order.
  • CESU will inform the barangay/BHERT of the issued isolation/quarantine order of home quarantine order (ONLY for patients with clear x-ray result and has an isolation area/room with toilet in their home
  • Barangay/QCPD/City Legal Department will enforce the isolation/quarantine order

STEP 2: Coordination

  • CESU will coordinate with DRRMO/BHERT for proper disposition (HOPE or hospital)
  • DRRMO will confirm with barangay for the transport of the patient
  • DRRMO will verify with patient the schedule of pick-up
  • DRRMO will contact the HOPE admitting section (HOPE 2, HOPE 6 and HOPE 7) for possible isolation
    • For hospital admission: DRRMO will contact the LGU hospital coordinator/ private hospital
    • For hospital walk-in patients (mild asymptomatic): after assessment, hospital will coordinate with DRRMO District Office for the transport of patient to HOPE admitting section
  • DRRMO/BHERT will transport the patient and fill up the dispatch form

STEP 3:  Admission

  • HOPE 2, HOPE 6 or HOPE 7 will receive the patient and sign the dispatch form (BHERTs are requested to stay maximum of one hour)
  • HOPE 2, HOPE 6 or HOPE 7 admitting section will issue a routing slip (in case of delay, patients are admitted temporarily in HOPE 2)
  • Patients to present the following:
    • Positive RT PCR Results/Antigen Results
    • Valid ID/Employee ID (with proof of residency)
  • Triage
    • Medical doctor consult
    • X-Ray
    • Disposition or HOPE Facility Assignment

STEP 4:  Quarantine

  • Orientation on House Rules and Medical Assessment schedules
  • Provision of health/hygiene kit and COVID Recovery Kit
  • Regular health monitoring/telemed

STEP 5: Discharged/Recovered

  • Basis for discharge
    • COVID-19 confirmed asymptomatic – 10 days
    • COVID-19 confirmed with mild symptoms – at least 10 days
    • COVID-19 suspect, probable and close contacts (with negative results) – 14 days
  • HOPE facility will issue a medical certificate and home instructions
  • HOPE facility will coordinate wth barangay/BHERT for the discharge of the patient
  • Barangay/BHERT will transport the patient from the HOPE facility