Quezon City Department or Office Involved:

QCID is the Unified ID of all Quezon City residents including Persons With Disability. PWDS may register online at QC [email protected].

All registered PWDs are submitted to the Department of Health (DOH) Philippine Registry of Person with Disability Portal (PRPWDP) to be submitted to PhilHealth for the free coverage of Persons with Disability. 

PWD QCID is valid nationwide.


  1.  Proof of Disability
    For Apparent Disability (Physically Impaired) – Whole body photo that shows disability
    For Non-Apparent Disability (Disabilities caused by Chronic Illnesses, such as Cancer or Impairments that are not physically manifested):  Medical Certificate or Medical records (Abstract/Diagnosis/Assessment/Test Result) from qualified doctor (e.g, Ophthalmologist for visual disability, Audiometrist hearing test results, Neurologist for any mental disability)

Note: Indigent registrants that cannot afford to have a check up or acquire Medical Certificate may request for referral for Medical Assessment or request for House visit at the Person with Disability Affairs Office Personnel to attest Disability.

  1. Proof of Residence (valid ID or original Barangay Certificate of Indigency)
  2. Picture for ID (2×2 photo with white background and frontal shot).
  3. Signature  

REQUIREMENTS FOR RENEWAL: (Apparent or Non-apparent disability)

  1. For Apparent disability:
    – New picture for ID
    – Old ID
  1.  For Non-Apparent: 
    – updated Medical Certificate or Record (Abstract/Test results/Assessment/Diagnosis)
    – New picture for ID


  1. Register at QC E-Services (QC E-Services (quezoncity.gov.ph)  using personal email (1 email per registrants)
  2. Confirm and validate E-Services account.
  3. Go back to QC E-Services and log in using the registered email account and choose QCitizen ID eApplication icon.
  4. Complete and confirm details of personal information and make sure to tick “Yes” for the PWD Sector.
  5. Upload all requirements. Upon submission, the virtual ID will show. If the information is correct, agree and submit.  
  6. After the process, an email will be received confirming the application. 
  7. Monitor ID application status in the E-Services account. 
  8. For registrants lacking requirements, email will be received with instructions. Return to your E-Services account, edit registration and upload the lacking requirements.  
  9. Approved application status will show “Card Printed. The QCID can be picked up at the Persons with Disability Affairs Office. 
  10. Contact person of ID holder will be notified of the availability of ID.


  1. Bring copies of requirements to Persons with Disability Affairs Office for evaluation.
  2. Qualified PWDs will be encoded, approved, verified, and given a printed ID. 
  3. Registrants with lacking requirements will be assisted and advised.
  4. All non-qualified applicants will be advised promptly.


  • Please ensure that Proof of Non-Apparent Disability (Medical Certificate or Records (abstract/assessment/diagnosis or test result) indicates the Name of the Doctor, Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) license number, specialization, and contact number.  These documents are necessary to ensure that you will be registered in the Philippine Registry of Persons with Disability Portal of the Department of Health which is required for PhilHealth coverage.