This program provides immediate intervention to individuals and/or families who are in crisis situation/ economic difficulties brought about by the illness/ hospitalization thru the procurement of medicines not readily available at the Pharmacy of the QC Health Department, and/or death of a family members thru the extension of Guarantee Letters to funeral parlors within the City to defray the cost of funeral service.


Povision of burial assistance to the bereaved families or relatives to lessen their economic burden due to the death of one family member through a Guarantee Letter, Murang Palibing, Diretsong Palibing, Referrals to the different funeral parlors of Quezon City.

Burial Assistance Activity

  • Interview, assessment and evaluation
  • Counseling / Procedural Guidelines
  • Requisition of Cash Advance for medicines of clients
  • Coordination of Medical Social Service of different hospitals
  • Presentation of official receipts and procured medicines to Fiscal Control Unit and City General Services Department for auditing purposes
  • Extension of procured medicines to clients
  • Submission of Report on Findings, Official receipt, latest prescription signed by the physicians with license number and latest clinical abstract for liquidation purposes


  • Certified True Xerox Copy of Death Certificate.
  • Cremation Permit
  • Original Barangay Certification of Indigency of the bereaved family/ deceased (BURIAL/FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE) certified by the Punong Barangay; and/or For and by the Authority of any elected barangay officials.
  • Duly Notarized Funeral Contract.
  • Photocopy of any valid Government Issued ID of the deceased and person to be interviewed.

PRESENT ALL REQUIREMENTS to the Officer In on duty at the SOCIAL SERVICES DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT at Molave Building Quezon City