A QCtizen’s simple way to mitigate the effects of global climate change in her community got featured in the “Transforming Cities series” presented by C40 Cities and produced for them by BBC Story Works Commercial Productions.

The series, which was launched in October 2022, highlights community action and innovation in various cities in the world to address the climate crisis. It also showcases cities that lead the way toward a safe, green, and healthier future for all.

The story revolves around Naly Ramos Albino, a 60-year-old small business owner from Barangay Culiat, who became an “ecowarrior” and actively took part in the city’s “Trash to Cashback” initiative.  Albino’s involvement in the program started during the pandemic when she observed the significant amount of waste accumulating in the bins near her store and the outdoor basketball court. Driven by her determination to contribute to a more environmentally responsible community, she took the initiative to reduce the amount of waste in their area.

When she heard about the Trash to Cashback scheme, she began collecting and segregating recyclable materials and single-use plastic. Despite facing skepticism from her neighbors, she diligently took the waste to a nearby recycling point and earned valuable ‘Environmental Points’.

Albino used the environmental points to buy their necessities, restock her store, and pay her utility bills. She was also able to persuade their community to do the same; with her customers segregating their trash in different bins found in front of her store. 

Mayor Joy Belmonte also expressed her appreciation to Albino who became an inspiration to her fellow QCitizens.

“Aling Naly’s simple way of saving the environment will truly inspire more people and even influence more organizations and policymakers to do their part. Our collective action is essential as we gear towards an ambitious, evidence-based, transformative, and inclusive climate solution for all,” Mayor Belmonte said.

Albino’s story can be streamed at www.transformingcitiesseries.com starting July 17. It will also be shared through the official pages of C40 Cities and the Quezon City Government.

Since 2015, Quezon City has been one of the active member cities of the C40 Cities Network that is committed to confronting climate change and promoting climate justice.