To all motorists plying through Katipunan Avenue, please be informed that a Dry Run for the Katipunan Avenue-Northbound morning rush hour Zipper Lane will be implemented by the Quezon City Government and the MMDA for a two-week period starting Thursday, 21 September 2023, from 6:30 to 8:00AM every weekday except holidays. The objective of the Zipper Lane is to utilize the excess capacity of the Southbound direction of Katipunan Avenue after the intersection in front of Ateneo Gate 3.

The entrance to the Zipper Lane will be at the opening of the center island in the vicinity of Ateneo Gate 2, while the exit from the Zipper Lane will be at the intersection in front of Ateneo Gate 3. Please note that only vehicles bound for Miriam College and beyond will be allowed to use the Zipper Lane. There will be strictly no turning right from the Zipper Lane into Ateneo Gate 3.

Please follow Quezon City and MMDA Traffic Enforcers and Constables assigned in the area, as well as the traffic directional signages installed for the benefit of all users of Katipunan Avenue.

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