Quezon City Departments involved:

Brief Description
Provision of transportation assistance to displaced, indigent individuals or families in crisis situation

Documentary Requirements

  • Barangay Certificate of Residency/Indigency
  • Travel Clearance
  • Health Certificate
  • Any govt issued valid I.D.

[email protected]


  1. Client submits documentary requirements
  2. Social worker conducts interview & assessment including home visitation, if necessary, prepares necessary reports and referrals including coordination with other welfare agencies (receiving Local Government Unit (LGU) and Department of Social Welfare and Development)
  3. SSDD facilitate client’s departure thru purchase of tickets and distribution of petty cash, food pack, Referral Letter and livelihood package for family then escort client to bus terminal/sea & air port ) case to case to basis

Contact Person/Number
Ms. Janet G. Duque
Acting Social Welfare Officer III

Tel. No. (+63) 923-882-7084