All business permit applications forms have now been consolidated in one Unified Application Form for the convenience of applicants.

Log on to and submit the accomplished form online together with the necessary supporting documents, depending on your application type.

NOTE: Should the application require additional supporting documents, a personnel from the concerned Ancillary office will contact the applicant.

New Business Permit Requirements (submit all that apply to your business)

  • Accomplished E-Unified Application Form
  • For Sole Proprietorship: Registration from Department of Trade and Industry
  • For Corporation/ Partnership: Articles of Incorporation from the Securities and Exchange Commission
  • For Cooperative: Registration from the Cooperative Development Authority
  • For Leased Business Area: Contract of Lease
  • For Owned Business Area: Tax Declaration
  • For application in behalf of a representative: Authorization Letter/ SPA, Valid government issued ID of owner and representative

Please note that submitted application and documentary requirements are subject to the evaluation of the BPLD, the Zoning Administration Unit, the City Assessors Office as well as applicable ancillary departments related to your business activity.  You shall be notified via email by concerned ancillary department should you need to submit additional documents applicable to your business activity classification.

For applications that are disapproved by the Zoning Administration Unit, the appeal process can be found here (link to PDF).

Estimated processing time: 1 to 3 days.