City General Services Department

  • CGSD
  • 8th Floor & 9th Floor, Main Building Quezon City Hall
  • 8988-4242 loc. 8600 / 8623 / 8632
  • [email protected]

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Office Hours
Monday to Friday            
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM



The City General Services Department (CGSD) ensures the delivery of basic services for QCitizens, providing technical support and expertise.


 Provide the delivery of general services to the Quezon City Government and its constituents that are effective, efficient, and economical.


To be a Quality Community within the Quezon City Government by delivering responsive and quality general services through committed, service-oriented, and technologically-adept personnel.

Legal Bases

Metro Manila Commission (MMC) Executive Order No. 5, s-1985 dated 01 March 1985 – Creation of the General Services Office of the Quezon City.

Article Twenty, Section 490, Title V, Chapter III, Book III, Republic Act 7160 – The Local Government Code of 1991

COA Circular 92-386 – Rules And Regulations on Supply and Property Management in the Local Government

Republic Act 9184 – Procurement Reform Act

Quezon City Ordinance No. SP-131, Series of 1993 – An Ordinance Creating the Motorpool Division under the City General Services Office and Providing for its functions.

Presidential Decree 1216 –  Defining Open Space in Residential Subdivisions and Amending Section 31 of Presidential Decree No. 957 requiring Subdivision Owners to Provide Roads, Alleys, Sidewalks and Reserve Open Space for Parks or Recreational Use 

Republic Act 9470 – National Archives of the Philippines Act of 2007

Republic Act 5487 – Private Security Act

Office Order No. 80, Series of 2018 – Transferring Operational Control and Supervision over the Activities and Operational Functions of the Task Force Streeetlights to the City General Services Department Head, in Concurrent Capacity

Quezon City Ordinance No. SP- 2832, S-2019 – An Organizing Reorganizing the City General Services

Department, Revising its Organizational Structure and Staffing Pattern, defining the function of Divisions and Sections appropriating funds therefor and for other purposes.

Office Order No. 101, series of 2020 – Creating the Task Force Streetlighting program otherwise known as Task Force Streetlighting”

Service Pledge:

  • Deliver effective, efficient, and economical services as promised in our Citizen’s Charter
  • Provide 24/7 access to the services of the CGSD, with no noon break 
  • Serve the public with utmost integrity, honesty, courtesy, and dedication
  • Develop  committed, service-oriented, and technologically-adept personnel


Preparation of Disbursement Voucher – Procurement of Goods, Infrastructure, Projects, and Consultancy Services

The Disbursement Voucher is prepared as part of the requirements for the payment for services rendered or goods delivered, including claims on Infra, Supplies and Materials Maintenance, Security, and other related services rendered by contractors & suppliers under Contracts, Purchase Order, and others.

More details:

Provision and Fast Tracking of Copies of Documents, Letters, and other Forms of Correspondence

Provides available copies on file of requested documents properly authorized for release by the approving authority. This involves requisition and charge-out procedures inchairsing RMCD files and records safe kept and maintained in our records storage facility.

More details:

Disposal of Valueless Record

CGSD enforces policies on Quezon City Government records management and administration.  This involves the review and evaluation of all requests for authority to dispose of the City’ valueless unnecessary records.

More details:

Provision of Original Copies of City-Owned TCT’s

Provides Original Certificate of Title/s available, safe kept, and administered under the custody of Records Management and Control Division, in support of the City’s Housing Project thru Quezon City Housing Community Development and Resettlement Department (HCDRD). All requests shall be approved by the City General Services Department Head for release.

More details:

 Posting of Notices, Advisories & Bulletins, & Issuance of Certificate of Posting

A certificate of Posting serves as proof that the Department has posted an approved request in a conspicuous area inside the QC Hall compound (e.g. High-Rise Building East and West Wing bulletin boards). 

More details:

 Issuance of General Clearance

General Clearance is issued to government employees/official who has transferred to another government agency, retired, resigned, been dismissed or separated from the service. 

More details:

Inventory of Movable Assets

Conducts annual physical inventory of all supplies and property of the local government units to ascertain the value of movable assets of the City. A physical inventory is conducted per schedule given to various Departments / Offices / Units / Task Forces of the Quezon City Government, results of which are furnished to the Office of the City Mayor, Accounting Department, and the Commission on Audit.

More details:

Inspection of Deliveries of Goods and Services

Inspection of deliveries by an authorized Technical Inspector is conducted to determine if the items conformed to the specifications set forth on the Purchase Order / Supplies Delivery Agreement and/or Contracts or Agreements.

More details:

Renewal of Registration of City-Owned Vehicles

To ensure proper and maximum utilization of government properties, particularly motor vehicles, renewal of registration in coordination with corresponding End-users is facilitated by MPMCD with the Land Transportation Office.

More details:

Return / Turn-over of Unserviceable Properties

Properties that are deemed unserviceable and/or excess by concerned Departments / Offices are returned/turned over to CGSD for proper disposal.

More details:

Disposal of Unserviceable Properties and Waste Materials

Properties that are unserviceable will be disposed of through auction sales facilitated by the Committee on Awards with the CGSD as Secretariat.

More details:

Permit for Leafletting / Distribution of Fliers

The permit for the distribution of leaflets and fliers provides public and private entities the opportunity to market / promote their products and services within the Quezon City Hall Compound to the employees and transacting public.

More details:

Issuance of Gate Pass

A Gate pass is secured from the Department in order to monitor the movement of government supplies and properties, personal property, as well as any activity within the Quezon City Hall Compound.

More details:

Job Order (Repairs)

The Job Order Form is issued to the requesting offices that need the maintenance service of the Department. It also monitors if the request for repair of office furniture, equipment, and facilities has been acted on effectively and efficiently.

More details:

Request for Venue (Meetings / Seminars / Events)

The Department provides venues for meetings, seminars, and events at the lobby, plaza, covered walks, and other open spaces within the Quezon City Hall Compound, giving priority to government-sponsored and approved activities. NGO and private groups can also be accommodated upon the approval of the management and availability of the requested venue.

More details:

Request for Logistics / Manpower Assistance (Sound System/ Tables/ Chairs/ Rostrum/ Backdraft)

The Department provides logistics such as tables, chairs, and sound system, as well as manpower assistance to government-sponsored and approved activities within Quezon City.

More details:

Request for Close Circuit Television (CCTV) Footage

Handles requests for CCTV footage. There are two) CCTV service providers in QC Hall compound: the DRRMO and Lockheed Security and Investigation Agency, the service provider of QC Hall compound.

More details:

Processing of Purchase Request (PR) / Agency Procurement Request (APR) / Requisition Issue Slip (RIS)

Processes Purchase Requests made by different Offices and Departments to procure items needed in their day-to-day operations.

More details:

Receiving of Goods / Deliveries

Receives all goods, supplies, and equipment delivered by contractors for storage and safekeeping, accounts for each item received, and issues the same to various Offices and Departments for their daily operation.

More details:

Issuance of Commonly Used Supplies from Centralized Stocking thru Funded Requisition and Issue Slip (RIS)

The GSD-Central Warehouse procures commonly used supplies and equipment from the PS-DBM. Issuances of these supplies and equipment to requesting offices and departments need to be supported with funded RIS.

More details:

Provision of Copies of Requested City Titles

Provides certified true copies of City-owned real properties to the requesting party.

More details:

Incoming Communication (Query / Request of Documents) Issues and Cases Relative to Fixed Assets

Receives query requests on matters of land cases and other issues related to fixed assets.

More details:

Disposal of Fixed Structures owned by Quezon City Government

Facilitates and documents unserviceable property with/without value for dropping from the Book of Accounts and for record purposes.

More details:

Facilitate the Issuance of Assignment for Utilization

Issues Assignment for Utilization of City-owned Real Property services rendered and as proof that the requesting party has legal personality over the said matter.

More details:

Inventory of City Owned Land & Building

Establishes an accurate inventory list of City-owned land and buildings by locating and conducting a physical inspection of City-owned Real Properties.

More details:

Provision of Transport Support Service

Provides transport assistance to all City Departments and Offices as well as City constituents.  Letter requests with the necessary information must be forwarded to determine the necessity of the transport service and serves as the basis for approval.

More details:

Repairs / Maintenance of City-Owned Motor Vehicle (Under CGSD and other City Departments/Offices)

Provides repair & maintenance for all City-owned motor vehicles to retain and/or restore it to serviceability in order to extend its useful life and maximum utilization.

More details:

Vehicle Pre-Inspection (LTO Registration)

Pre-inspection of City-owned motor vehicles prior to LTO registration to determine the vehicle’s roadworthiness and to ensure that the subject vehicle shall pass or qualify the LTO standard of requirements. 

More details:


The City General Services Department Conducted a series of orientation seminars on Inventory Taking Procedure And Proper Documentation / Disposition Of Unserviceable Property (Fixed Assets) on March 28-29 and April 7, 2022.

The City government through the CGSD launched the Free shuttle bus/es for Health Workers and front liners during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

CGSD provided table and chairs to the City Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit (CESU) and other health and medical facilities, as well as the implementation of the “No face mask, No entry” policy and the thermal scanning of all employees and visitors who enter the Quezon City Hall buildings, installation of contactless alcohol dispensers and stomp mat, regular disinfection to all Departments and Offices as requested, and installation of public health advisories such as tarpaulins and stickers in the Quezon City Hall Compound.

Provision of tables and chairs for city-wide events.
Elevator Maintenance and cleaning.
Regular Painting Job requests by various Departments and Offices.
Provision of automatic alcohol dispensers and regular refilling to all departments and Offices.


How to secure Gatepass


  1. Duly filled-up Gate Pass Form with supporting documents (photocopies of P.O. Receipts, Job Order, etc.)
  • For Working Permits – 3 copies
  • For Catering – 2 copies
  • For Supplies – 4 copies


  1. Request a Gate Pass Form from CGSD-BGMD or online
  2. Submit the filled-up Gate Pass to CGSD-BGMD
  3. Wait for the release of the approved Gate Pass

How to request for venue (Meetings / Seminar / Events)


  • Letter Request (1 original copy and 2 photocopies)


  1. Submit the request letter personally to the Records Management & Control Division, or E-mail  [email protected])

2. Wait for action taken or release of reply

How to request for Logistics / Manpower Assistance (Sound System/ Tables/ Chairs/ Rostrum/ Backdraft)


  • Letter Request (1 original copy and 2 photocopies)  


  1. Submit the request letter personally to the Records Management & Control Division, or E-mail  [email protected])
  2. Wait for action taken or release of reply

How to request for Close Circuit Television (CCTV) Footage


  • Letter Request (1 original copy and 2 photocopies)
  • CCTV Request Form (2 original copies)


1. Submit CCTV Request Form or letter request

2. Wait for action taken or release of request/response

3. Receives request (Copy of the Footage / Viewing only/ Captured Picture from CCTV)

How to obtain permit for Leafletting / Distribution of Fliers


  • Letter Request (1 original copy and 2 photocopies)
  • Duly filled-up Request Form for Distribution of Leaflets (2 original copies)
  • Sample Leaflet (2 original copies)
  • Photocopy of company ID (2 photocopies)


1. Submit the request letter for Leafleting

2. Submit the Request Form for Distribution of Leaflets and other requirements

3. Wait for the review and evaluation of the BGMD, CGSD

4. Receives the requested permit

How to request for Transport Support Service


  • Letter Request for buses /AUV for non-GSD personnel (1 original and 2 photocopies)


  1. Submit the request letter personally to the Records Management & Control Division, or E-mail  [email protected])

2. Wait for the review and evaluation of the MD, CGSD

3. Receive notification of approval or disapproval of the request

Department Directory

Ms. Fe B. Bass
Officer-In-Charge, City General Services Department
89884242 Loc. 8600
[email protected]

Ms. Carmelita F. Lee
City Government Assistant Department Head III (for Administration)
(Assistant City General Services Officer)
89884242 Loc. 1027/ 8623
[email protected]

Mr. Joel G. Escueta
Acting Assistant Department Head (for Operations)
(Special Operations Officer V)
89884242 Loc. 1508
[email protected]


Divisions Officer NameOffice AddressContact Information
Administrative DivisionMr. Ermet V. Caguioa
Special Operation Officer III 
9th flr. High-rise Bldg., Quezon City Hall, Elliptical Rd., Diliman Quezon City89884242 Loc. 8632, 8602, 8616
[email protected]
Movable Property Management and Control DivisionMs. Faith C. Salmorin
Chief Administrative Officer
9th flr. High-rise Bldg., Quezon City Hall, Elliptical Rd., Diliman Quezon City89884242 Loc. 8627, 8629, 8608 , 8609
[email protected]
Records Management and Control DivisionMr. Joseph C. Baylosis
Chief Administrative Officer
9th flr. High-rise Bldg., Quezon City Hall, Elliptical Rd., Diliman Quezon City89884242 Loc. 8624, 8606, 8608
[email protected]
Central Warehouse Management DivisionMr. Teddy P. Reyes
Administrative Officer V
9th flr. High-rise Bldg., Quezon City Hall, Elliptical Rd., Diliman Quezon City

Central Warehouse – Sct. Reyes, Bgy. Paligsahan, Quezon City
89884242 Loc. 8603 / 8605
[email protected]
[email protected]
Building and Grounds Management DivisionMr. Jerrick DT. Gayeta
Acting Chief/Special Operations Officer III
9th flr. High-rise Bldg., Quezon City Hall, Elliptical Rd., Diliman Quezon City 89884242 Loc. 7329 / 8617 / 8622
[email protected]
Fixed Assets Management DivisionAR. Nilda R. Santos
Officer-In-Charge/ Special Operation Officer IV
8th flr. High-rise Bldg., Quezon City Hall, Elliptical Rd., Diliman Quezon City
89884242 Loc. 1126 / 8620
[email protected]
Motorpool DivisionMs. Erlinda S. Cagara
Special Operations Officer V
9th flr. High-rise Bldg., Quezon City Hall, Elliptical Rd., Diliman Quezon City

Kalayaan Station – MD Compound, Gate 1, Quezon City Hall
89884242 Loc. 8611 / 8612
[email protected]
89884242 Loc. 8209
[email protected]


The City General Services Department’s request for renewal of Safety Seal Certification was granted on December 20, 2021.

CGSD won the 1st PLACE under OFFICES OF QC HALL CATEGORY and received a Certificate of Recognition, along with 5,000 Environmental Points (EP).

Honoring our GSD retirees – during our short celebration of this year’s Women’s Month, GSD expressed its gratitude to our retiring employees for their years of service and work contributions.
In celebration of the World’s Women’s Month, the City General Services Department pays tribute to our “Natatanging Kababaihan”.
The redeemed cash from the EP was used to buy sack of rice for the chosen beneficiaries of the Department, who are the hardworking Janitors / Janitress of EXCELLENT BUILDING CARE GENERAL SERVICES.
The distribution of sacks of rice to the beneficiaries was held on 17 December 2021 at the Quezon City Hall lobby.

The Personnel Selection Board deliberation of the 36 newly appointed/promoted personnel under CGSD. Congratulations! and continue to perform your tasks even better! And Thank you Mayor Joy Belmonte for the continuous support given to our employees!

Congratulations to our GSD Dancers “the General’s Pride” for winning 3rd Place during the “BONGGA KA DAY” dance contest yesterday 28 March 2022 as part of the Women’s Month Celebration 2022 with the Theme: “Kababaihan Tungo sa Kaularan”. We would like to express our utmost gratitude to our City Mayor Joy Belmonte for empowering the Quezon City Hall women employees and giving them the opportunity to show their talents and protect women’s rights!

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