Quezon City General Hospital

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  • Seminary Road, Barangay Bahay Toro, Project 8, Quezon City
  • 426-1314 to 19 / 21 / 83 (trunk line)


The new five-storey Quezon City General Hospital (QCGH) Medical Center is a 250-bed capacity tertiary-level hospital that provides the benefits of modern health care to the city’s poor constituents.

Situated in a 3.2-hectare property at Barangay Bahay Toro in Quezon City, the new QCGH is the product of a P1.5-billion redevelopment program directed at modernizing healthcare especially for indigents who cannot afford private hospital rates but certainly deserve the same quality service. The program has produced a new five-storey medical building where patients can expect affordable yet state-of-the-art healthcare utilizing modern technology, including a 4D ultrasound, colposcope with LEEP, two ECG machines, and a computerized radiography and digital fluoroscopy system. The hospital also boasts of a 64-slice CT scan, an acquisition which makes QCGH the first and only local government hospital to own this high-end diagnostic tool. was added to two existing ones.

From an old seminary built by the Jesuits from the Ateneo de Manila University in the 1940s, to a 25-bed capacity general hospital established under Mayor Norberto Amoranto in the 1960s, QCGH has undergone a number of renovations and repairs – but none as ambitious as the latest redevelopment.

As a tertiary-level hospital that provides training for tomorrow’s doctors, QCGH also features an operating room suite with a view deck for use of residents and nurses under training. There will also be a spacious nurse station with extra rooms for the students.

The new features of the Quezon City General Hospital Medical Center include:
• Five operating suite located at the main OR complex and one at the OB-OR complex
• One OR suite with a view deck for use of residents and nurses under training
• Eight-bed Service Case and six-bed Pay Medical Intensive Care Unit (ICU) equipped with patients’ monitor and a central monitor
• 10-bed Post Anesthesia Care Unit located at the OR complex and a separate four-bed Surgical Intensive Care Unit
• 10-bed labor room and eight-bed delivery room with eight-bed recovery room
• Patient’s watchers’ area provided with air conditioning unit, and a toilet and bath for the Surgical ICU, Medical ICU, Pediatric ICU and even expectant fathers waiting for their wife undergoing labor and subsequent delivery of baby.
• 45 single rooms for pay patients with toilet and bath, hot and cold water and aircon as amenities
• Big and spacious nurse station with extra rooms for the students
• Centralized medical gas pipeline system and vacuum supply system
• Spacious lobbies on the first and fifth floors
• First floor with atrium for entry of natural light and ventilation purposes
• Four elevators, three service stairs and a ramp
• Automatic sprinkler system and CCTV cameras on all floors and corridors

The new diagnostic equipment and medical instruments also include:

    64-Slice Computerized Tomography Scanner (CT scan) making QCGH the only government hospital with this high-end diagnostic tool
    4D ultrasound
    One purely dedicated cardiac ultrasound for 2D-echo procedures
    Computerized Radiography and Digital Fluoroscopy system
    10-patient monitors and a central monitor
    One Leica microscope
    One Colposcope with LEEP
    Two ECG machines and eight defibrillators and two fetal monitors


Dr. Josephine C. Sabando
Hospital Director
Tel. Nos. 8426-1314 to 19 / 21 / 83 (trunk line)
8920-5002 (direct line)
8920-7081 (telefax)


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