Last updated on November 3rd, 2023

The Quezon City Government has set up a total of 295 Feeding Station across the city located in each Yakap Day Care Center.

This is part of the city’s  bid to provide healthy meals to the most vulnerable and in need. Each station can feed up to 100 families a day and up to a total of 29,500 families for all the 295 feeding stations.

The feeding program is a joint effort of the Social Service Development Department (SSDD) and the GROW QC Food Task Force.  The nutritionists- dieticians of the SSDD create the menu and prepare a variety if nutritious meals such as Monggo Dilis with Spinach/Malunggay,  Misua Veggie Soup,  Adobong Kangkong ad Ginisang Repolyo/Sayote/Carrots. 

The ingredients on the other hand are sourced from the city’s urban farms to also provide livelihood to the urban farmers.