The Quezon City Government will be establishing six (6) Action Offices, one for each of the city’s six legislative districts.

Ordinance No, SP-3000, S-2021 or the Quezon City District Action Office Ordinance, creating six (6) District Action Offices and 42 co-terminus positions for their operation was signed by the Mayor.

The District Action Offices aim to bring the local government’s programs, services and projects closer to the public.  They will serve as the City Hall’s extension where people can bring all their concerns and grievances for proper and immediate action.

The offices are mandated to provide immediate response to the needs and grievances of the residents, and to provide active, efficient and equitable government machinery at the lowest level. They are tasked to extend maximum service to the greater number of people and to engage the active participation of the private sector.

The District Action Offices are manned by co-terminus Action Officers appointed by the Mayor. Every Action Office will also have one operations officer, one administrative officer, one administrative assistant, one administrative aid, one driver and one utility worker.

Different department offices and units of the city government will have personnel in each of the six District Action Offices.

Among these departments are the Social Services Development Department, City Health Department, Office of the Senior Citizens Affairs, People with Disability Affairs Office. Tricycle Regulation Unit, Scholarship and Youth Development Program, Small Business Cooperative Development and Promotion Office, Public Employment Service Office, Market Development and Administration Department, Department of Engineering, Parks Development and Administration Department, City Civil Registry, Task Force Solid Waste, and Task Force Streetlights.