Last updated on January 3rd, 2022

QCitizens can now expect better and efficient services as the Quezon City government launched its own unified identification system.

‘QCitizen Card’ will provide the city government a complete and accurate database of its residents. A definite number of every sector in its population will be determined that will make the city’s services be allocated to them better.

Every resident or those who are working or studying in the city can get their own IDs which can also be accessed through a mobile application. However, only those who are 15 years old and above will get their physical IDs.

Each citizen will have a unique ID number, which when encoded in a city government office, indicates if you are a resident or just working or studying in QC. Every ID holder will enjoy city services such as the free city bus service, and other social service programs.

Existing senior citizen, solo parent, and persons with disabilities ID will be replaced by the QCitizen card overtime. Existing IDs will continue to be valid in the interim.

When fully implemented, every citizen will be given appropriate and suitable program depending on their needs.

For example, if a resident has skipped having his health regular health check-up at their nearest health center, the city health workers would know and will conduct necessary measures to make him get this health checked.

With QCitizen ID, the financial assistance from the government, such as the Kalingang QC and Social Amelioration Program, will be effectively distributed to the bona fide beneficiary because of the accurate data retrieved from the database.

Moreover, data gathered for the QCitizen ID adheres to the Data Privacy Act. Every information submitted in the QC website will be protected and secured.

Through QCitizen ID, every resident can look forward to more services made more efficient by the city government for them. You can register for QCitizen ID here: