All business permit applications forms have now been consolidated in one Unified Application Form for the convenience of applicants.

Log on to and submit the accomplished form online together with the necessary supporting documents, depending on your application type.

NOTE: Should the application require additional supporting documents, a personnel from the concerned Ancillary office will contact the applicant.

A SPECIAL PERMIT is required for business activities with a short duration.

Some examples:

  1. Promotional Events
  2. Sporting Events
  3. TV and Film Productions
  4. Concert, Musical and Stage Shows
  5. Seasonal Operations:
    • Bingo Games and other games of chance
    • Cockfights (limited to 1-3 days a year)
    • Carnivals (limited to 14 days)


  • Venue Contract of Lease from the owner of the venue
  • Special Working Permit (SWP) from the Bureau of Immigration if the performer-applicant is a foreigner
  • DTI/SEC/Mayor’s Permit as Promoter
  • Special Permit from the Quezon City Council for Seasonal Operations

Estimated processing time: 1 to 2 days.