How to apply for the Quezon City ID?

Is there payment required for the application?

  • The ID and the application are free of charge

Can the application be done via City Hall walk-in/face-to-face application?

  • There are only two (2) ways to apply – online and assisted booking
  • Assisted booking are only conducted during selected activities like caravans and barangay-based events

Who can apply for the QCID? Who are qualified?

  • All Quezon City residents and all Quezon City workforce
  • Need to submit proof of residency and proof of employment
  • The digital ID will be given to all approved applicants, however the physical ID will be given only to Quezon City residents aged 15 year and above

How long does the approval take?

  • Once the application is complete and submitted, the application will go through a verification process to confirm applicant’s residency and employment. Upon confirmation, applicant will receive a notification from the Quezon City government whether application is approved or disapproved
  • For complete application requirements, verification and approval may take one (1) week
  • For disapproved application, applicant will receive reasons for disapproval. Applicant may revert with corrections on the application and/or send additional requirements. 
  • For multiple application, other applications need to be canceled

How to know the status of the application?

  • Applicant may check the status of the application by logging in to his/her QC eServices account and click option for the QCID
  • Applicant may also email the QCID Team [email protected] or call 8988-4242 local 8210

Where can an applicant follow up pending application?

  • Applicant may follow up via email: [email protected] or call 8988-4242 local8210
  • Applicant may also call the QC Hotline 122 or email [email protected]
  • Applicant is encouraged to check his/her email for messages pertaining to the application

What to do in case of sim loss or change in the contact number/details written in the application?

  • Applicant may change contact number details by going to the website or email  [email protected]

How to know if QCID can be claimed?

  • Applicant will get a text from the QC LGU as to when and where the ID can be claimed
  • The claim stub that will be sent via SMS and should show that the sender of the message is the QC LGU. Any ‘forwarded message’ from the QC LGU will not be recognized

What if the applicant was not able to claim on designated date, can it be claimed on another day?

  • If the text states that the venue where you can claim the ID is the District Office, applicant may claim the ID anytime

What if the ID is not in the venue stated in the text message, where can it be claimed?

  • All unclaimed IDs are brought to the District Office.  If applicant fails to claim the ID at the stated venue, just wait for another text to determine when and what District Office will release the ID

Can a relative or representative claim the ID in the applicant’s behalf?

  • A relative or representative can claim claim the ID provided they bring the following:
    • Authorization letter
    • Valid ID or authorized representative
    • Valid ID of QCID owner
    • Copy of the text sent by the QC LGU

What if the application status states FOR BIOMETRIC COLLECTION/CARD PRINTED?

  • Currently the QCID Team is not collecting biometrics
  • If the application status states APPROVED AND CARD PRINTED, simply wait for the text message from the QC LGU or an advise posted at the city’s Facebook page or the Barangay to claim the ID
  • The digital QCID provided during the application (and in your mobile phone) can still be used during transactions with the QC LGU