1. SAFETY FIRST  – Always wear a helmet and mask protection.
  2. LOOK OUT –  Move with care. Scan and check before turning or changing lanes.
  3. GO WITH THE FLOW – Follow the flow of traffic. Do not counterflow.
  4. HAND SIGNALS – Do the necessary hand motions when making your next move on the road.
  5. SEENZONE – Avoid the blindspots.  Position yourself where the driver can see you. And keep your distance.
  6. BLINKING FIREFLY –  Be sure to be seen clearly especially at night of early morning.
  7. KEEP YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME – Look ahead and avoid distraction. Pay attention to your surroundings and do not be distracted with operating gadgets or listening to music with earphones on both ears.
  8. STRATEGIZE – Plan and map your ride ahead of time.